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{Re} Design Your Business 
To Support A Kick-Ass Life!

Coaching & Peer Collaboration
For Lifetime Best Success In Business and Beyond

"Small Business is the Backbone of our Marketplace...
But building a Small Business shouldn't break the backs of those that start them!"

~ Coach Steve Dailey

What You've Been Taught About
Building A Successful Business...
Doesn't Work.

We've all been taught that building and running a successful small business requires relentless grit, laser focus, and many many hours. You need to suck it up: "40 hours/week is for can sleep when you're dead", the guru says. "Grind! Hustle! Fortitude! You gotta pay the price!", we hear. 

But then, after pouring everything you've got into your vision, you wake up and realize that what you really own is a job...a treadmill. While you put the rest of life on hold, you built a thing that seems to always want more from you - money, time, sacrifice - never less. 

So as a courageous, determined entrepreneur you decide, "I guess I need to work even harder!" 

But here's a News Flash for ya: "more" isn't "better"'s just more! Your own business has hijacked your life, and the clock is ticking. (And for many of us, the clock is ticking loud...'cause we ain't 25 anymore...know what I mean?)

You Deserve Better...

It's Called Entrepreneur Excellence

And You Can Be On Your Way In As Little As 100 Days...

Here's How It Works...

Choose Your Path

Choose from one of 3 programs that will launch you to a new trajectory for epic success!

Master The

Learn The 7 Triggers to
7 Figures Framework™ - your roadmap to Lifetime Best Success!

Collaborate With Peers

Build a Co-Marketing Coalition and learn from, while being inspired by, other Entrepreneurs like you!

Accelerate Your Results

Tap World-class Coaching to provide structure and guidance to your Lifetime Best Success!

Meet Your Coach

I started my first business in 1984 and was fortunate enough to build it to over $1m in less than two years. It appeared to be an "entrepreneurial success story".

But - to keep it running was exhausting. Over 300 employees, mountains of debt, up at 4:30 every morning, after less than 4 hour's sleep, and always chasing the next client (and spending too much money doing it). I may have looked successful...but it was crushing me, and I knew it.

That experience motivated a career as a Business Coach. For over 30 years my Clients have thrived in every economy, no matter the disruption, and always - every time - attained best-ever success. Gifted with that experience, I've been able to develop frameworks and strategies for predictable success that I can now teach you so that you can create your own path for the success you've always envisioned: a Kick-Ass Life!

It will be my privilege to share with you what I've learned and the process to achieve what I now call Entrepreneur Excellence: Lifetime Best Success in Business and Beyond!

See What Others Are Saying...


"Steve teaches how to have an unstoppable mindset. He'll teach you more lessons about life and business in 20 minutes than you can learn in years. He walks his talk and teaches it too."

Tony Parinello

Best Selling Author - Selling To VITO


“I was scattered and Steve was the perfect guy to get me on track…everything I’ve done in my business has been more successful..and I can now enjoy life too!

Dr. Dan Watts

Founder - The Renewal Point


“I was looking for someone who could help me take my plans and implement them. Coach Steve was excellent. My ideas are becoming reality.”

Bob Morris

CEO Robert Morris Properties


“My business was in a critical place and he was able to help me transition. I'm now one of only a handful of top architects in the US. His strategies obviously made a big impact in my business, but my life a whole as well.”

Winn Wittman

Principle - Winn Wittman Architecture

You already know that 
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.
Stop That!

Do This Instead:

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