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{Re} Design Your Business So You 
 Earn Your Lifetime Best Income... 
And Have The Time To Enjoy It!

Coaching & Peer Collaboration
For Lifetime Best Success In Business

"If Your Business Doesn't Support A Kick-Ass Life... What's the Point? "
~ Coach Steve Dailey

Master The 9 Principles For Entrepreneur Excellence

Step 1

With the Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™ Framework as a guide, you'll reach new, rapid success!

Collaborate With Other Tough, Smart, Seasoned Peers

Step 1

Create A Co-Marketing Coalition, Mastermind Problem-Solving, Build A Referral Generating Machine!

Accelerate Your Journey With World Class Support

Step 1

Insight, Wisdom, Accountability, and Challenge To Guide You To Achieve Your Lifetime Best Success!

What You Think You Know
Isn't True...

We've all been taught that running a successful small business and enjoying life outside of business at the same time can't happen. They say you have to build your business first, then one day in the future have the life you love. "40 hours/week is for wimps... 50+ hours is for success", the guru said. "Grind. Grit. Hustle. You have to pay the price!", they say. "The only path is to outwork your competition", we learn.

So we jump into it. Hard. And sooner or later, we wake up and realize...what we've learned from peers and "experts", and is perpetuated with our own example is...well... Bullshit.

When you started as an Entrepreneur, you were thinking: Financial Abundance, Time Freedom, Family Adventures, Bucket List...essentially more money than you could ever earn working for someone else - and the time to enjoy it.

But what you got instead was YOU serving your business rather than IT serving you!  No time for you and your family...never enough money...uncertainty about when it will ever get better.

It really isn't that much fun, is it? Tell the truth.

Your own business has hijacked your life! And the clock is ticking....especially if you're in the second half of your life. It's getting real now because we ain't 25 anymore ya know! 

And the real pisser? After all of your hard work, you weren't prepared for a global pandemic... and, worse, you have a very queazy feeling that you won't be prepared for the next 9/11, economic downturn, or Russian internet hack - either!

So, let's fix all of that. Right Now!

Let's {re} design your business so that you're making your best-ever income, that is resilient through the worst of times, and so you have the time to enjoy it all...before you're out of time!

Here's What Your New Journey
To Lifetime Best Success
Will Look Like In As Little As 100 Days...

Let's {re} design your business so that it so that it's you have a life outside of you don't have to worry where new business is coming from...and so that you have time the time to enjoy !

THAT'S how owning your own Business should work!

Choose One Of 3 Powerful Pathways
To Entrepreneur Excellence

Hint: Kickin' Ass In Life Is NOT A Do It Yourself Project

Get Uber-Focused and Launch

The Entrepreneur Excellence Intensive Coaching Experience is a 100 day program designed to get you focused, clear, and fully prepared to launch to a new level of achievement in any area of business you choose...then we light the fuse!

Master All Of It: Success In Both Business And Life

The Entrepreneur Excellence Immersion Coaching Experience is a 12-month, 1:1 program that offers guidance, acceleration, and mastery to lifelong success in Wealth, Health, Connection, and Influence...and your success in Guaranteed!

You already know this fact: 
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.
Don't Do That!

Do This Instead:

Meet Your Coach

I started my first business in 1984 and was fortunate enough to build it to over $1m in less than two years. 

But - to keep it running was exhausting. Over 300 employees, mountains of debt, up at 4:30 every morning, after less than 4 hours sleep, and always chasing the next client (and spending too much money doing it). Sure I may have looked successful...but it was crushing me, and I knew it.

Now, with over 30 years practicing as a Business Coach I've learned a lot from my not only my own experiences, but even more from those I've guided to new levels of success - in every economy. That experience has enabled me to develop frameworks and strategies that I can offer you to create your own predictable path for real success: lifetime best income and the time to enjoy it.

It would be my privilege to share with you what I've learned and what the process looks like to achieve what I now call Entrepreneur Excellence: Your business working as well without you as it does with you while you are enjoying the abundant fruits of your labor.

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