The 5 Critical Catalysts for Business Breakthrough

The Essential Strategies for Optimizing Your Business To
Achieve Exceptional Success!

5 Catalysts

Explore Details On Each of the Catalysts Below

Catalyst #1
Defeat the Drift



Authenticity Anchor

From Tangential To Targeted

When any of us start a business, we start with zero: zero customers, zero notoriety in the market, zero momentum. So to overcome the inertia of zero, we say "YES" to any takers, invent/fiddle/tweak offerings, and will go wherever the earliest adopters of our product or service desire us to go.

And that's ok to get started.

But once established it is imperative to "defeat the drift" that Inherently is now pulling you in too many directions. The Catalyst for narrowing focus and creating a much more solid "shortest distance between two points" is to Authenticate your business; that is, re-connect with the passion you had when you started the business in the first place but overlay that passion with what you now know about  who is out there to serve, their problems and pain, and how you are going to serve them.

To assist in that process, take a look at The Authenticity Anchor framework. Embedded in this framework are implied questions that, when answered, will help guide you to a new, focused, and leaner outlook for how you will newly position yourself in the marketplace. If you are newer in business, this is especially important to help shortcut unnecessary expense, time, and frustration.

Ask your Coach to help you in understanding anything about this process that is fuzzy - and be sure to attend future Trailside Chats where we will introduce other insights and frameworks to help you Authenticate your business.


Catalyst #2
Perfect Your Priorities



From Glowing Ember To Flamethrower

If your business doesn't support an extraordinary life - you might as well go to work for someone else (Gasp!!) 

To achieve Entrepreneur Excellence - and a Breakthrough to new achievement in your business - it is imperative to Invigorate your goals and focus - and, what we call, Perfect Your Priorities. It might have been ok in the very beginning of your business to allow your aspiration as an entrepreneur to hijack all other aspects of life - but it isn't sustainable! To be truly successful, your business should support life outside of business, not be your whole life!

We use a simple framework called The 4 Domains of Success and Fulfillment to help guide this important recalibration. Combining Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with the significant research available on what fuels happiness and longevity in life, we've created this simple guide to prompt questions while helping you to identify deficits that must be addressed to assure that, indeed, your business outcomes are targeted to address these Domains and their many facets.

Keep in mind: more is not better - it's just more! The outcomes that we are striving to experience in life are clean, simple, and pure...and your business should literally predict that you are moving as quickly as possible to fulfillment in all of those outcomes.

Ask your Coach for guidance in crystalizing strategies to impact fulfillment in each facet of each Domain. As well, tune in to the Trailside Chats and tap a forum for understanding and collaboration for this important pursuit that catalyzes Breakthrough. This becomes a lifelong project as an's not "one and done" be sure to create a master plan, a way to keep score in each area, and deploy support and accountability to assure your successful implementation.


Catalyst #3
Turn Heads & Move Feet



Magnetize your tribe
4 Strategies

From Underwhelming to Undeniable

To have a successful, durable business that withstands marketplace disruption, competition, and the ever changing demands of the market we serve -we have to get and stay persistently noisy about who we are as a business, the problems that we solve, and the promises we make to make life or business better for those we serve. As a strategy, this is the ultimate in marketplace Penetration.

At Entrepreneur Excellence, we have identified and practiced guiding Clients to implement four specific and powerful strategies to "Turn Heads and Move Feet" as we apply knowhow and passion to the markets we serve. Most entrepreneurs - and most notably those that are stuck on a treadmill of always trying to find that next customer - usually land on (and get stuck) on only one strategy. Our mantra is: deploy them all!

If you are good at selling, you might be inclined to focus on direct approach and invitation to prospects. If you are good at entertaining, you might tend to rely on speaking or podcasting. Big on social media or ads? You'll hang your hat on content marketing. Rarely and unfortunately (due to the ferociously independent nature of entrepreneurs - one and all of us!), we almost never collaborate very well...even if we think it might be a good idea.

So what we encourage - and will support you in doing - is to understand all four strategies for creating marketplace reach, and then define systems for each that work best for you, your resources, and what makes sense in magnetizing your target market.

Check with your Coach, if you haven't already, to build a master plan for moving from Underwhelming to Undeniable. And, BTW, let's crush your competition in the process!

Catalyst #4
Differentiate & Dominate



From One of Many to One of a Kind

No matter what business you are in, we are all in the same business...and that is the business of Transformation. When someone decides to pay us money - for anything...a hamburger, a new technology, the design for a custom home, whatever...they are in "position A" where they are uncomfortable with where they are and have a vision for a better place - "position B" - where life or business is much better and closer to their picture of fulfillment.

And that's essentially what every one of us is doing: guiding customers and clients to a happier, more fulfilled, and satisfying life. And to do that we literally guide them to navigate that transformation with the products, services, and processes we execute to serve.

At Entrepreneur Excellence we guide you through several strategies for making this clear to your target audience, while serving them in a way that fully delivers your promises. Eventually, you will be be building what we call a "Transformation Roadmap" that you'll use in marketing, selling, and delivering your product or service.

To begin building your Transformation Roadmap, you need to fully immerse in understanding the language of your Ideal Target Market. We define this language by clarifying their demographic, psychographic, and socio-graphic characteristics. Then we start crystalizing where the people with those characteristics gather so that we can go there and be recognized as a resource. With that clarity, we can then begin crafting the language, messaging, and process for literally tuning in to your audience with what will be music to their ears. Along the way, you'll not only differentiate yourself from everyone else that would like to serve your same market - but you will also be dominating the market with your undeniable attraction!

Check with your Coach to crystalize the foundation of Resonating, and begin constructing your Transformation Roadmap.

Catalyst #5
Multiply Your Mojo



From Lone Ranger To Seal Team 6

The bigger and more successful your business, the more complex it becomes. That just happens - no matter how lean, agile, and discerning we want to be.

So once the wheels in your business are turning, to avoid the wheels coming off, it is critical to first evaluate what is truly working or not, essential or not, and scaleable or not. This pertains to employees, customers, systems, support resources...everything and everyone that touches your business in the process of serving your market. The second - and arguably the most critical shift for an established business owner is to Graduate; that is, Duplicate yourself and stop being "the center of the universe" in your business.

We come by it naturally. We necessarily fall in love with our solution and the people that will buy it in order to be successful. But over time, we also reflexively tend to hang on to everything in the business for fear that it will stop working, cost money or even take us down.

Madam, Sir: you gotta let go or YOU will take the business down. Not only have you literally created a job for yourself that may never get out of, you are also completely derailing the ultimate achievement for any of on the planet - and that is to make an impact and be an influence that lives on well past our time here on earth. This is known as "legacy" and you definitely don't want to get to the end or life and realize you haven't invested in it.

So let's start with our EADDD framework to begin freeing you up to pursue impact and influence at a grander scale than you can ever achieve anchoring yourself in your business as it's most important employee. This EADDD framework is a terrific analysis and strategy guideline that prompts inquiry into what matters, while helping you to graduate to much more significant levels of being a thought leader, advocate, and leader in your marketplace.

Check in with your Coach while doing this analysis - and begin to craft a new, profound strategy for being an influence, making an impact, and leaving a legacy while you are on earth right now!