About Coach Steve

"Life can only be lived forward...
and most often, it's only truly understood backward."

- Coach Steve Dailey

In Brief...
As with most whose lives have eclipsed a half century or more, my journey of mistakes and victories, pursuits and passions, twists and turns have finally started to make sense; finding that the winding trail has been preparation for an extraordinary chapter for my life ahead.

From a career perspective, spanning over 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with aspiring Olympic athletes, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and an amazing array of ambitious high climbing individuals. And each has engaged me as their trusted teacher/mentor/advisor/coach and friend. More often than not they proudly report lifetime best achievements including setting personal records, launching latent ambitions, or making millions while (most importantly) attaining – or retaining – new perspective on all areas of life. Along the way I have appreciatively gained deep insight on success and achievement through this work; and as well have been inspired to say “yes” insatiably to ambitious pursuits of my own.

Throughout it all I have learned one very important thing about myself: I have a gift to catalyze for others a new, productive mindset that enables them to experience lifetime best achievements.  And I want to share that with you!

And here's the whole story...
I grew up in up in Colorado. It was a great place to develop avid appreciation for clean air, the outdoors as a playground, and opportunities to challenge myself physically. This perspective fueled a degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University, at which point I promptly launched my first career as a professional swimming coach. I discovered I had a knack for building teams that attracted aspiring national-level swimmers in Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, South Carolina, and Texas. Working with these talented kids taught me much about psychology and motivation – and an experience I now look back on as a wonderful “human performance laboratory”.

Swimming didn’t prove financially lucrative however, so in an entrepreneurial spasm, I started a business – with less than $200 – that developed family sports and community recreation programs and events.  The business grew to a multimillion-dollar enterprise in only 2 years, employing over 300 people. Early coaching experience served me well as I applied team building and organization development insights along with coaching skills learned on the pool deck. Unanticipated though was the “real-world MBA” I earned – often not so comfortably.

The good news was that my efforts became recognized in the local business community by other entrepreneurs and they started to request my insight on business building strategies. "Cool – selling my advice with no employees required," I thought. A new career was born. So I started marketing services with a business card saying “Business Development Coach” as my title. I practiced promoting the same goal-focused approach I used with both swimmers and previous employees.

Serendipitously, right at this moment, the business of Coaching started to evolve - starting with professional certification programs. I was invited to enroll in the first-ever coaching school and sat front row, center with 5 other early adopters. We were the pioneers.

Soon Small Business Leaders, Sales Superstars (or wannabes) and Entrepreneurs from a wide variety of marketplace segments, business models, sizes of business became a ready – and seemingly endless – market to serve. Looking back on an evolving practice of over 30 years, I’m proud to say I’ve honed clarity on an array of “achievement principles” that have positively influenced success for virtually every client I’ve had the privilege of serving.  Some have acknowledged me for being on the leading edge of personal development coaching as a profession. Along the way, I’ve been able to help many achieve much.

Meanwhile, the kid that grew up in Colorado hasn’t really stopped growing up. I can proudly say I’ve intently practiced my insatiable pursuit of physical health and vitality – and along the way have developed intimate and keen understanding of the powerful mindset skills that come with challenging one’s self-imposed physical limits. I’ve routinely said “yes” to challenges that test my physical limits and, not incidentally, regularly use these life experiences to glean shareable new insights for success and achievement for others. 

Personal Challenges That Have Shaped My Mindset

So what’s next?
I still build and enjoy my practice as the “business coach guy” – but over the last number of years I’ve noticed a specific need that sparks a new passion in me: in a phrase – catalyzing  “lifetime best achievement for business owners in the 2nd half of life”.

Looking back, I realize that I've most resonated with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in their 40's, 50's, and 60's that recognize that right now is the best time to construct new outlook, possibilities, and perceptions and make the second half of life the better half. It excites me when I see a person embracing their hard-earned wisdom to create footholds for new and incredible things to come. With a Coach, boundaries and limitations begin to evaporate. My working mantra has become: "If not for the Second Half, what was the First Half for?!"

So through work with numbers of amazing Second Half pioneers along with my own experiences, I've seen that ultimate personal and professional success in the best part of life has a formula.

I’ve learned that creating a new chapter or attaining a new threshold of success requires a combination of a fresh mindset, purposed focus, and skilled support. So to help as many as I can discover personal reinvention, I’m doing several things new.

First, I’ve reframed my coaching practice to focus on a whole-life approach: no matter your aspiration, we’re gonna touch everything so the main thing is even more extraordinary...because everything counts: Wealth, Longevity, Connection, Influence.

And next, we are forming an interactive community for Future-Focused, Success-Minded people that want to reinvent their next chapter and achieve their Lifetime Best success in both Business and Life, while conquering the myths, anchors and stigma of "aging".

All of this is described briefly on the Entrepreneur Excellence website, but to truly "get the scoop" I can promise a transformative experience with a phone call to review your strategy for next-chapter success. Go here to schedule!

Thanks for reading. I look forward to supporting your next chapter and epic success! 

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