Well, like they say in the movie…”Gooooooood morning!”

We're on Rampart Reservoir and it is absolutely gorgeous. We're on stand up paddleboards. I'm with my friend Anika. This is actually the third time in my life I've actually been on a paddleboard. The first time was, was in an ocean bay. Don't visualize anything heroic at all, because I spent all my time wet.

The second time I got out and Anika introduced me to the T's and C's, as they say, and I didn't do SUP I did KUP... I did knee up paddling, instead of stand up. But this time, yep, I'm standing up.

And I guess I've got to plant a seed here. 

What was the last time you were new?

You know, oftentimes I challenge people to be new. You know, we resist that don't we? We resist being new. After a certain point in life, we're kind of tired of not doing it right. And so we tend to gravitate towards the things that we do right. And we stop learning, we stop practicing… being new.

But I guarantee you that if you get good at being new, the world opens up. And not only do you discover new things, by trying new things, but you get better at the things you already know. Isn't that amazing? 

When you are subjecting yourself to being new, you actually graduate your competency and everything you already know. Because you're practicing exercising new self-confidence, new self-discipline, that muscle that we face all the time, and that is facing uncertainty.

So bottom line is… life is rich, when you're new, when you keep yourself new.

Be New

By Trying New Things We Get Better at Things,
We Already Know How to Do

So, I've got a challenge for you. This week, write down in your calendar someplace a time (it could be an hour, an afternoon, a whole day) that you're going to mark out to be new. Choose something that you've never done, that you've never explored, that you never practiced, that you know that you won't do well. And give it a run. Be new.

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