Tackle The 5-Day Challenge That Will
Kick Your Ass!

(but only in the most productive and valuable way!)

February's Challenge Will Guide You To
Learn and Implement ...

The 4 Essential Strategies
That Will Build A Perpetual
Client Attraction System!

Once you’ve established your business to a level that is making a decent living, breaking through
to a level that you now see is possible
can feel illusive, frustrating, and maybe even seem mystical.
And one of the key areas business owners struggle with is being clear on the best strategies to attract new business.

You Need a New Strategy!
(Or 4 of Them to Be Precise!)
Lift The Mystique - Get Newly Focused - Launch New Momentum

If you feel your business is not yet to it’s deserved potential...
Or you feel everything you do to attract new business misses the mark...
Here’s what you are feeling:

You have many ideas about promoting your business, but fuzzy clarity on the best ones...and what are stupid ones (because you’ve definitely implemented stupid ideas and don’t want to do that again!)
There is a big sucking noise from your bank account and you can't get rid of, causing you to always be chasing the next client to make more (like unproductive ad spend, employees barely paying their way, returns and do-overs for disgruntled clients...)
You have competition that looks like they are doing better than you - and they aren't as good as you (but you seem to still be a secret in your marketplace and it looks like they have some sort of magic you don't!)
You need a better plan, a system for implementing the plan, and a way to stay on track (because as good as you are at getting stuff done, you're not getting this done!)

Well There Is Solution...and I Want To Teach It To You...


After over 30 years working with ambitious, seasoned entrepreneurs like you, I’ve researched, observed, and crystalized the strategies essential for breakthrough success...
And I want to share these insights
AND help you implement them in 5 Days.
Fast… Now… Like Immediately!

Here's How It Rolls:


5 Consecutive Days of Content and Coaching

Five, one-and-a-half-hour sessions, each packed with clarity and content with time to ask questions and get specific direction for your unique business!


Frameworks, Templates and Checklists

In each Session you'll get easy, clear tools to guide you and support implementation from day-to-day and beyond!


The Power of Collaboration

You'll interact with your peers and your Coach to go deeper, learn from others, and even share your wisdom as both a participant and a resource!


Recordings for Reference and Reinforcement

Each session will be recorded and available on a private page and sent to your inbox for an immediate refresh and for future reference!


Instant Access to Your Coach for Questions

You'll have access to your Coach via email and text for anytime  guidance or encouragement!


BONUS: a 1-on-2 Strategy Session with Your Coach!

Once you complete all 5 Days, you'll be invited to schedule an intensive 1:1 Strategy and Implementation Session to help you drill down on the most relevant and essential actionable items that will guarantee new success!

And Here's My Guarantee...

You will be crystal clear on what has held you and your business back, will have a strategy to annihilate those obstacles, and have a line-of-sight to new success or I'll give you 100% of your investment back!

And Here's the Details That You Probably Scrolled Down To See
(Hey, I do it too!)



One time and you're in!
[$200 Discount for Service Center Clients]

Time Commitment?

Sessions are every day, 5 days in a row, and recorded. You'll want to carve out an hour and a half for each session (whether you are live in attendance or not.)

DATES: March 2022 - TBA

Who Else Will Be There?

This program is only being offered to seasoned entrepreneurs... no newbies, wannabes, or hobbyists. If one sneaks in, I'll boot 'em out.

Meet Your Host, Coach, and Advocate
Steve Dailey

As with most whose lives have eclipsed a half century or more, my journey of mistakes and victories, pursuits and passions, twists and turns have finally started to make sense; finding that the winding trail has been preparation for an extraordinary chapter for my life ahead.

I’ve had the privilege of working with aspiring Olympic athletes, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and an amazing array of ambitious high climbing individuals. And each has engaged me as their trusted teacher/mentor/advisor/coach and friend. More often than not they proudly report lifetime best achievements including setting personal records, launching latent ambitions, or making millions while (most importantly) attaining – or retaining – new achievements in all areas of life. 

Along the way I have appreciatively gained deep insight on success and achievement principles myself and I am energized and inspired to catalyze for YOU a new, productive mindset that enables lifetime best achievements...  and I can't want to share that with you!

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