Coach Dailey's Dozen
12 Ways Entrepreneur Excellence™ Coaching
Will Change Your Life!

Your Success Is Guaranteed

If you guarantee your commitment to your goals, and do what we agree needs to be done, I will guarantee you’ll achieve new success or I’ll give you all your investment back. 

Your Business Will Make A Quantum Leap

We will focus on big, measurable goals that will have payoffs far and away greater than your investment. Payoffs will come in the form of increase in top line income, bigger profitability, and most importantly – More Time. We’ll implement simple, logical, and deliberate strategies to help you design your business so that it will work as well without you as it does with you.

Your Life Will Also Make a Quantum Leap

Because of our deliberate approach and proven process to build your business so that it serves you (and not the other way around), you will win your life back. We'll teach you how to achieve lifetime best fitness, build deeper and more meaningful relationships, pursue passions and causes you care about so that life has more meaning...and we'll make absolutely sure you are checking things off your Bucket List (but we actually call it your "Legacy List"!)

You Will Have Anytime Access To Your Coach, Always

Your business and life are inseparable and “always on”. And also so should be your Coach. This isn’t therapy or a spa appointment where you can only come on “Tuesdays at 4p”. C’mon – success is a process and when you’re in action you’ll have questions, challenges, things to work through – real time! And that’s when you need a Coach. You need a 100% partner, 100% of the time…because success is a 100% project. I’ll be there.

You'll Experience Progress You Wouldn't See Otherwise

Strategy > Action > Accountability. That’s the “secret” formula. It’s a customized framework for success molded to you and with you: your goals, your pace. It's not a one-size-fits-all template or program. With dynamic co-creation, follow-up, and support centered on proven principles…and a little butt-kickin’ along the way…you will grow, learn, and achieve in ways you could never see otherwise.

You’re Palms Will Sweat - And That’s Good

You’re gonna feel heat: challenge, inspiration, movement to new directions. We do this Coaching stuff with inspiration, offering a persistent array of resources, and by introducing you to other seasoned, peer business owners that will share their wisdom and show you the way to what’s possible. 

We'll Make It Simple

You will be guided and equipped with concise, essential, and implementable strategies for proven processes while receiving the support you need to assure success. You won’t get lost, confused, or be overwhelmed.

You'll Do It Fast

"Time-To-Result" will be a constant focus. I will guide you to execute your ideas, fast, and with specific targeted outcomes. We know, that you know, that the sooner your business gets to lifetime best achievement the sooner you get to spending more time on the other good stuff in life. It’s called MTTP – More Time To Play.

You'll Get Answers - Not Idle Chit Chat

Unfortunately many coaches are trained to ask directionless questions like  “what is the universe telling you?” when their Client has a question. To me, that’s a waste of time. I will provide answers, wisdom, guidance…not a pop quiz...or direct you to others that have those answers. Together we’ll find solutions.

You'll Keep Score On Results, Not Hours

100% of our focus is to march through benchmarks, obstacles, and victories…all toward a conclusive “win”. And moreover, gaining mastery. This isn't a perpetual, charge-by-the-hour program with a nonspecific agenda. We're gonna focus on Results...whatever it takes.

You'll Find Yourself Inspired To Do The Work

Coaching isn’t about lording over you with hands on hips, while berating you to do more. And it’s not about hand-holding either. You know what you need, and you admit that you’re the one that needs to do it. All you need is direction, clear motive, inspiration, and partnership. I’ll inspire you to not only conquer the things that cause resistance, but help you stay on track to get it done. And along the way, you’ll build confidence and a new “achievement muscle”. I won’t do it for you – but I’ll assure you’ll catch new fire... and get it done.

You Will Get Real Life Wisdom & Deep Experience

It seems these days that everyone has “coach” on their business card – from babysitters to attorneys. Frankly, I have boots older than many of them. Not only did I participate in the first ever business coach certification program in the US, my coaching career began after I built a successful million dollar business. And like you, I have also navigated my way through many gut punches in life. I can proudly say I’ve been successfully practicing the same profession for over 30 years… and you can assume I’ve figured out a few things along the way. I'll share all of it with you. You’ll rarely find anyone else with deeper life and business experience, and the depth of practiced coaching skills and insights with "business coach" on their business card.


The alliance membership

$495/month or $4950/year
This is perfect for the Business Owner that desires Strategic Coaching and focus, while appreciating the opportunity to be part of a like-minded community that will accelerate success


The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™
Master Framework and 3 Essential Laws


The Focus Projects

The Focus Projects are defined by the area(s) you feel most essential for achieving ultimate Lifetime Best Success. Coach Steve has researched and observed, over 30 years, that these areas make the biggest - and fastest - impact on business success come from a focus on the first 6 Areas (the first six noted with a star below) - but there are also other areas of focus that you may feel critical for next-level success.

In The Intensive Coaching Experience, we pick one Project toast fast and targeted mastery in motion. In the Immersion Coaching Experience, we focus on all 6 major Projects, and you can choose more for total success Reinvention.


The 7 Triggers To 7 Figures

During 30 years, studying success-seeking Entrepreneurs and helping many achieve their first 7 Figures in their business - and some their first 7 figures in their pocket - Coach Steve has observed that there are 7 distinct catalysts, or what we call "Triggers", that literally predict not only million dollar income, but also sustainable business performance and exciting exit strategies. We've put these 7 Triggers into an easy-to-follow framework that becomes your roadmap to building a 7 Figure, sustainable, and profitable business.

Which of these areas in your business are weak, unclear, inefficient, or non-existent - that would take your Business to its destined potential?


The Proven Achievement Accelerator

If It Feels Like You're Business Is
Growing In Slow Motion
It's Not Because You Aren't Working Hard Enough!

I don't have to tell you this: there are a lot of moving parts involved in growing and sustaining a business. Likely, you've become pretty darn good at most of it. But you also know there are aspects of achieving your vision for ultimate success that you haven't mastered. And, if I pressed you, you would admit that in some areas you're not even close to being where you need to be.

But who's got the time when you wake behind before you start each day? And when you have fires blazing that only you can extinguish? And when cash flow looks like a muddy bog vs a raging river?

The solution to entrepreneur mastery isn't more of "you"'s multiplying you with a committed partner that is expertly equipped to guide to find the shortest distance between two points. The solution is having a Coach in your corner.

At Entrepreneur Excellence™
We Do Business Coaching Different Better

Look: there is sea of people offering services as a Coach. Everyone from Babysitters to Attorneys have "Coach" on their business card. Some are good - others not so much. In fact, most, while perhaps having a "certificate", are still trying to figure out their own life.

My name is Coach Steve Dailey. And I was there when the industry was birthed - and only after I built my own successful business. I've been dedicated to evolving the definition of Entrepreneurial Success for over 30 years.

I believe that true Coaching is an inspired partnership built around collaborative and an ecosystem of support that will serve your continued success long into your future.

I Believe a Coach/Client Partnership
Looks Like This:

Unlimited Coaching

Step 1

There is no limit to accessing your Coach. After all, your biggest challenges and questions don't come up "every Tuesday at 4p". Your Coach is "always on" and you'll set a rhythm for what works for your greatest progress.

No Spa Appointments

Step 5

We're in the business of progress - not soothing, idle, conversations (or back rubs). For you to make your biggest leaps, you need a partner committed to advance: let's set a target, go for it, and see what we learn.

Goal: Lifetime Best

Step 5

We aren't looking for simply "fixing" things or making them a little better. We are focused on the absolute best you've ever experienced: your best-ever income, the most freedom you've ever had...even the most fun! 

Peer Power

Step 1

"Iron Sharpens Iron" says the Proverb. We introduce you to The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™ - a Tribe of other tough, wise Business Owners. You'll learn, be challenged, gain insight, and tap their array of valuable resources.

Mastermind Solutions

Step 1

No obstacle too difficult, and no opportunity is too daunting. At your request, gather other smart people to Mastermind with you to solicit ideas, experience, and wisdom. We call these events "Hot Seat Master Mind Sessions"! 

Proven Frameworks

Step 4

In a 30-year laboratory studying business success, Coach Steve knows what it takes to achieve predictable success: Wealth, Health, Connection and Tribe, Influence and Difference-making. You'll learn and master every area here!

Abundant Resources

Step 5

Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Websites, Tools, interviews with Business Icons. This ever-expanding library of resources is your Go-To destination for inspiration, solutions, and practical insight that you can apply immediately!

More Business Now

Step 5

You get to sell your stuff here too! Expand your business by promoting your services directly to the Community of our Clients we call The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™. Be a Resource AND a Participant. 

Let's Pull Back the Curtain...
The Entrepreneur Excellence Coaching Formula


FIRST, I will introduce you to The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™ Master Framework that will lay the foundation for Lifetime Best Success as a business owner. The EE Advantage framework is based on 3 inarguable and essential Laws for Entrepreneur Excellence...and it creates both a common language and a common direction for your Coaching. This powerful Framework is not a "course" (you've experienced enough of those) - it is a context...a guide for now and far into your future as an Entrepreneur.


NEXT, you'll have immediate access to The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™. The Alliance is a Tribe of Seasoned Business Owners just like you, all on a mission to support one another in achieving Lifetime Best Success

A core focus in The Alliance is to form "Mastermind Coalitions" - a small but mighty, vetted team of fellow business owners that serve the same or similar target market as you, but with non-competitive services. Your Coach will then work with you to create co-marketing campaigns and alliances with your Coalition and build a referral-generation machine.

There is much more to learn about The Alliance as an asset in your Coaching - so please click here to learn more!


AND THEN, we'll dive head first into a 1:1 coaching rhythm for strategy, and implementation that will be like nothing you've experienced... or at least since the last time you achieved your Lifetime Best!  

If you choose The Intensive Experience we'll get focused, get moving, and go hard and fast for 100 days on what you feel is the most pivotal aspect of your business.

But for those seeking entire Business and Life Reinvention, choosing The Immersion Experience.  We will work on assuring life ahead will be nothing short of incredible: Lifetime Best Success in Wealth, Health, Connection, and Influence.

The Entrepreneur Excellence Coaching Intensive Experience is a 100 Day "Fast Track" approach to reaching new success fast. This program is designed for those seeking to launch a new project within their business, solve or reconstruct a specific area of business success, or achieve new mastery in a particular element of the business that is under-performing. 

Many use the 9 Principles within the structure of The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™ master framework to guide and narrow their focus on what needs the most attention.

The Entrepreneur Excellence Immersion Experience is the ultimate catalyst to extraordinary velocity

You and your Coach will work together as partners to strategize and implement a quantum leap toward mastery in all Four Key Domains for Success and Fulfillment: Wealth, Health, Connection, and Influence - and catalyze Achievement in every principle embedded in The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™ framework with the singular goal of designing your business - and life - for Lifetime Best Success.

Important: Consider This...

A Coaching Relationship Requires Commitment:
Time, Money, Heart
But Let's Look At How Coaching Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over!**

** Let's do some math:
Suppose your business is grossing $200k right now.
And let's say we worked together for a year to design your business
so that it generates an additional 10%, while growing
without you spending more time - and likely even less time...

Would an additional $20k/year, and more time, impact your Business? Your Life? Pay for Coaching?
Absolutely...and then some!

Want More?
If your business isn't yet generating $1 million or more, I'll 
introduce you to my exclusive formula for reaching that threshold.
It's called The 7 Triggers To 7 Figures Framework
Now THAT would certainly change your life!

Sound Good? Let's Meet ASAP!

See What Others Are Saying...


"Steve teaches how to have an unstoppable mindset. He'll teach you more lessons about life and business in 20 minutes than you can learn in years. He walks his talk and teaches it too."

Tony Parinello

Best Selling Author - Selling To VITO


“I was scattered and Steve was the perfect guy to get me on track…everything I’ve done in my business has been more successful..and I can now enjoy life too!

Dr. Dan Watts

Founder - The Renewal Point


“I was looking for someone who could help me take my plans and implement them. Coach Steve was excellent. My ideas are becoming reality.”

Bob Morris

CEO Robert Morris Properties


“My business was in a critical place and he was able to help me transition. I'm now one of only a handful of top architects in the US. His strategies obviously made a big impact in my business, but my life a hole as well.”

Winn Wittman

Principle - Winn Wittman Architects

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Business Coaching or Life Coaching?

Step 1

It's BOTH! You see, if your business isn't supporting an exceptional life...then what's the business for? Many entrepreneurs allow their business to hijack life. We fix that.

What's Coaching Cost

Step 2

You will determine the right program for your goals in a conversation with Coach Steve - but investment ranges from $495/m to $1495/m and depends your level of commitment and desired focus.

Who will be Coaching Me?

Step 2

Coach Steve Dailey, a 30-year veteran business coach, will be your personal, committed coach, partner, advocate, and guide. [To learn more about Coach Steve - click here]

How will The Alliance Membership Help Me?

Step 2

The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™ is a Tribe of Seasoned Entrepreneurs like you that are aligned to the mission of supporting one another to achieve lifetime best business success. There a host of assets [click here to learn more] but at the core is the construction of a Mastermind Coalition that becomes a referral-generating machine that will grow your business.

Will can you guarantee that my business will grow?

Step 2

We guarantee that if you commit your Time and Heart to executing what you and your Coach agree to, and remain consistent throughout the process, you will create a tangible return that will more than cover your coaching fee. If for any reason that doesn't happen, we'll make it right. Coach Steve has helped business owners attain Lifetime Best achievements for 30 years. 100% of those he's worked with - and that have done the work as agreed - make significant leaps.

How does the Member Marketplace work?

Step 1

As a Member of The Alliance, you and your company will be showcased in the Member Marketplace well call The Kumu Connection. We will help you position yourself to be a compelling resource to other Members. ("Kumu" is the Hawaiian term for the valued elder of the Tribe that counseled and guided the Tribal Chief and assured success of the Tribe.)

So Let's Do This
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