Circle of Champions
The Coaching Experience

Coaching and Peer Collaboration To Achieve Lifetime Best Success
In Business!

Imagine If You Could...
Achieve Your Best-Ever Business Results
Every Single Month For 6 Consecutive Months

You've made a decision to start your own business
but feel it isn't growing to it's potential...
...and here’s why:

You have many ideas about promoting your business, but fuzzy clarity on the best ones...and what are stupid ones (because you’ve definitely implemented stupid ideas and don’t want to do that again!)
You are confused about who to approach, what to say, and how to answer questions that seem illusive, uncomfortable, even mystical (Who wants this, really?... Who am I to suggest it?... I might offend them!...Nobody says Yes!...I'm not good at selling!...I get nervous!...and more!)
You have a lot of ideas for building but don't know what will work (Social Media? Buy prospect lists? Join a Business Networking group? Sell to individuals or other businesses? Buy ads?)
You're excited about the business but have trouble finding the time to take action and be consistent (because, after all, you already had a busy life before you signed up for this!)
There is a ton of training, but the roadmap to success seems to have holes or is overwhelming (because, after all, I'm new at this!!)
Training is not Coaching and you recognize that you can only absorb so much information before it's time to do something about it! (Because information is only as valuable as the degree to which it is applied!!)

Well... There Are Solutions 
And I Want To Teach Them To You ASAP...
But Even More Importantly
I Want To Help You Implement The Solutions


After over 30 years working with ambitious, seasoned entrepreneurs like you, I’ve researched, observed, and crystalized the strategies essential for breakthrough success...
And I want to share these insights
AND help you implement them...
Fast… Now… Like Immediately!

Here's How It Rolls:


6 Consecutive Months of Focus and Support

We'll be connecting twice a month for 6 Consecutive Months Of COACHING that will provide focus, support, practice, guidance, and inspiration for next-level success!


Frameworks, Templates and Checklists

In each Session you'll get simple and clear tools, frameworks, scripts, checklists...all designed to support implementation starting each immediately!


Role Playing and Peer Encouragement

You'll role play and interact with your peers - guided by your Coach. You'll be both a resource and a participant - while learning a Collaborative, Referral-based method for building a successful business!


Recordings for  Reinforcement

Each session will be recorded and sent to your inbox for an immediate refresh as well as for your future reference!


Instant Access to Your Coach for Questions

You'll have access to your Coach via email for anytime  guidance, questions, or encouragement!


BONUS: 100 Consecutive Days of Mindset Training

Every single day, for 100 consecutive days, you will receive an inspirational and thought-provoking audio message designed to shape and improve your mindset for success!

And Here's My Guarantee...

You will be crystal clear on what has held you and your business back, will have a strategy to annihilate those obstacles, and earn your entire investment back from new income from your business... or I'll give you 100% of your investment back! NOTE: To honor this guarantee, you'll BE asked to attend 100% of the sessions and do the homework as prescribed. (Don't worry, you won't have to leap tall buildings - but you will have to do some things that you haven't done that may be uncomfortable until you discover you can!)

And Here are the Details That You Probably Scrolled Down To See
(Hey, I do it too!)



(This is a 6-month commitment, made easy to pay with auto-debit to your card)

Time Commitment?

Sessions will be held every 2nd and 4th Thursday at
6p ET / 5p CT / 4p MT / 3p PT
We'll go for 1 hour or until you get what you need.


All Sessions will be on Zoom  and recorded for future reference BUT LIVE ATTENDANCE IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!

Who Else Will Be There?

This program is being offered to other ambitious entrepreneurs building the same business you have chosen. Participants will come with a broad array of experience and insight - from newbies to seasoned leaders - and will provide encouragement and inspiration...and you will do the same for them!

Meet Your Host, Coach, and Advocate
Steve Dailey

As with most whose lives have eclipsed a half century or more, my journey of mistakes and victories, pursuits and passions, twists and turns have finally started to make sense; finding that the winding trail has been preparation for an extraordinary chapter for my life ahead.

I’ve had the privilege of working with aspiring Olympic athletes, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and an amazing array of ambitious high climbing individuals. And each has engaged me as their trusted teacher/mentor/advisor/coach and friend. More often than not they proudly report lifetime best achievements including setting personal records, launching latent ambitions, or making millions while (most importantly) attaining – or retaining – new achievements in all areas of life. 

Along the way I have appreciatively gained deep insight on success and achievement principles myself and I am energized and inspired to catalyze for YOU a new, productive mindset that enables lifetime best achievements...  and I can't want to share that with you!

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