The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance Agreements

Alliance Members Make Two Simple Agreements
Before Joining...

Agreement 1: Contribute To What Makes The Alliance Powerful

Members of The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance agree to strive for Excellence in both business and life. The Alliance is a community of seasoned business owners, each aspiring to achieve outstanding success for their business, as well as fulfillment in all aspects of an exceptional life.

The Alliance is a Community of action-oriented professionals that will challenge you, and expect to be challenged by you. To achieve its purpose and pursuit, Members are have the following characteristics:

☑︎ We all own an established, full time business.

☑︎ We've all successfully been in business for at least 5 years.

☑︎ We are all over the age of 40.

☑︎ We each have defined specific, written goals for both personal and business growth.

☑︎ We agree to participate in monthly virtual Member meetings (Trailside Chats) and, in the rare event of a conflict, listen to the recording.

☑︎ We keep a journal on aspirations, insights, and progress during participation.

☑︎ We seek opportunities to contribute to fellow Alliance Members through Mastermind Sessions, with contribution during Trailside Chats, and by offering constructive feedback on insights learned.

☑︎ We each take full advantage of Coaching.

☑︎ We become ambassadors for Entrepreneur Excellence by honoring The Entrepreneur Excellence Manifesto(Click Here to review The Manifesto).

Agreement 2: Meet Coach Steve

After you review Agreement 1, we'd like to meet you and confirm that The Alliance is a good fit for you as resource to help you accelerate your goals and aspirations.

We do this in a call with Coach Steve that we call a Slingshot Session.

In this call you will have an opportunity to ask more questions, learn more details about investment and ROI, and make a decision about participation.

Important Note: Your Slingshot Session will not be a "sales pitch" - it is simply an opportunity for us to assure alignment and fit as partners for your future success! You don't need to "prepare" in any way and it is also not an interview.

Fee DisclosureThe Investment to become a Member of the Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance is offered either month-to-month or annual. You will save money (and accomplish more!) with the annual plan.

The published investment at this time is $749/month or $7495/year. A 25% off, Early Adopter discount will be offered in your Slingshot Session that will bring your investment down to $499/month or $4995/year!

I Understand The Agreements
And I'm Ready For My Slingshot Session!