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Coach Steve Dailey

My first entrepreneurial leap was in 1984. After enjoying a short career as a national level swimming coach and realizing financial opportunities were limited in that field, I gambled the only $200 I had in my pocket and placed a bet on my "big idea". Starting that lean - not to mention naive - my new business was certainly not without many challenges and disappointments.  But in spite of limitations and obstacles, I was fortunate to build my new business to over $1 million in less than two years. 

That was the good news. The bad news? Though my rocket-like growth was recognized as an "entrepreneurial success story", I was keeping the real truth a secret: my dream business had hijacked every other aspect of life...and was exhausting.

With dread, I faced making payroll for 300 employees every two weeks. I had accumulated mountains of debt. I was up at 4:30 every morning - routinely after less than 4 hours sleep. And I was always chasing the next client to rescue cash flow, spending too much money doing it. Heroically doing it all on my own... it was crushing me. And I knew it.

This love/hate relationship with my business sparked a revelation: I needed to urgently craft a Personal and Business Reinvention. Leveraging my swim coaching experience in training athletes to rare success, taking an inventory of the hard lessons from my business, and making a practice of tapping wise mentors while keenly observing both the challenges and catalysts for new success, I decided to launch a new career and started marketing myself as a Business Coach. 

"Business Coach" was a new and unusual moniker at the time, and what I didn't expect was I also found myself actually part of pioneering what is now the vibrant industry of Business and Life Coaching.

Now, after over 30 years, and as my passionate pursuit has evolved, I can proudly say my Clients have thrived in every economy no matter the disruption, and predictively celebrate best-ever success. The journey has gifted me with insights that have revealed frameworks and strategies that I use now every day to guide business owners to design their businesses so they achieve lifetime best income while enjoying the lifestyle they visioned when they started their business in the first place.

It will be my privilege to share with you what I've learned and introduce you to what I now call Entrepreneur Excellence: a path for the success you've always envisioned as an Entrepreneur - aka Lifetime Best Success in Business and Beyond!

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