Focus Area Decision Guide

Congratulations again for making the decision - and commitment - to make a quantum leap in achieving your Lifetime Best in both business and life. As a Member of the Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance, and while participating in The Intensive or Immersion Coaching Experience, you will receive a world-class array of support, accountability, and challenge to truly become the best you were meant to be.

Of course, you are the most important asset in the process: your talents and competencies, your wisdom and experience, your efforts and tenacity...all are essential.

We want this experience to be customized around what is most important to you. To help you think through and communicate that, this Focus Guide is offered. We strongly recommend that you work through it in a quiet comfortable place - uninterrupted. It will take you from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It's best to go through it in one sitting, but most importantly complete it prior to your first Coaching session.

Though this will be an important point for common understanding with your Coach. However keep in mind that you might find, as you navigate your journey to new Excellence, you may have new insight that requires you to modify or change your mind about your focus area priorities. This is not unusual - just make sure you tell your Coach when/if that happens!

The 7 Triggers to 7 Figures™

With over 30 years coaching ambitious business people to new levels of success, Coach Steve Dailey has observed that there are 7 essential areas of business - or what we call Triggers - that predictably catalyze spikes in business success. In fact, these Triggers, when deployed diligently, have historically formed the launch pad to a business owner generating 7 Figures for the first time in their business's life - and even 7 Figures for the first time in their own pocket!

The 7 Triggers to 7 Figures™ are:

  1. Authenticate: Aligning and intersecting your Ideal Target Market, your Core Competencies, your Unique Offer, and your Minimum Viable Market. Bottom line: loving what you do and identifying who else loves what you do, and to enough people that that supports an enduring business, makes for your greatest success.
  2. Integrate: Designing your business so that it serves an Amazing Life - vs allowing business to hijack all the important aspects of life outside of business.
  3. Concentrate: Getting focused, lean, and profitable while throwing out distractions, tangents, and waste. "Good Ideas" aren't always "Good Business".
  4. Invigorate: Putting fuel and focus to your company's culture (aka persona in the market), operating systems, unique differentiation, and customer/client delight systems that impact and deliver your unique promise to those you serve.
  5. Penetrate: Creating powerful and synergistic strategies for marketing and sales that assure predictable lead streams that produce qualified prospects automatically.
  6. Resonate: Building a conversion strategy that predictably moves prospects from curious to engaged and from engaged to saying not only "yes" but "Hell Yes!"
  7. Duplication: Designing your business so that it is scalable, sellable, and - the Holy Grail - so that it works as well without you as it does with you!

You To The Power of 2  - The 7 Key Personal Mastery Areas

In the meantime and with the irrefutable fact that business and life are inseparably connected, in order for new Lifetime Best achievement to be possible, one must develop in several, if not all, of 7 essential areas of personal development that will directly impact success in both life and business.

Often - perhaps even predictably - when new business success seems elusive in spite of best strategy, execution, and persistence one or more of these areas are deficient, underdeveloped, or neglected.

These are The 7 Essential You to The Power of 2 Personal Development Opportunities:

  1. New Way 2 Wealth: Wealth is more than how much money you have, it's what money is doing to create an extraordinary life. This is about designing Profit and Lifestyle that Fuels the reason you started your business in the first place.
  2. Lifetime Best Fitness: So if you make more money than anyone you know but you can't enjoy it because you're sick - what's the point?? This is about once and for all getting you to the level of vibrancy, endurance, aliveness that makes life amazing every day!
  3. Relationship Roundup: As an intense, success-oriented business owner, you may (likely) have neglected important relationships in your life (spouse, kids, family)...and you may feel your circle of true connection  and impact is puny or meager. We fix that here.
  4. The Legacy Project: So...why, really, are you on this planet? Just to make money...or to Make a Big Freakin' Difference?! We design how your life will matter...then take action on it...right now. Define your Legacy now - don't wait until it's too late.
  5. The Achievement Project: What are you proud of, today, that you've accomplished that defines you...marks who you are and what you are capable of? Many can only cite high school or college achievements "back in the old days". But here, you will define a Rite of Passage Experience that defines new Significance and a new definition of who you can be from now, forward.
  6. It's About Time: The one non-negotiable, finite resource that we all must use - wisely - is Time. Are you a Master of Time Optimization? Most Entrepreneurs have big ambition, but fail to re-design their relationship with Time to achieve their dreams. We handle that here.
  7. The Mindset Solution: A twist, and truth, on the old axiom is: Thinking the same way over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity! New goals, access to Lifetime Best Achievement, and the path to truly being all you can be absolutely STARTS with reinventing your Mindset. Here we go through a proven, guaranteed path to reinvent how you Think so that what you Achieve is Everything You Can Be!

So Let's Begin Defining Your Focus

Follow the prompts below that will guide you in prioritizing your Areas of Focus for the next 12 months. If you are in the Intensive Experience, you will select 7 Areas in any combination. If you are in the Immersion Experience we will focus on ALL 14 areas. In either case, your unique identification of priorities will help your Coach guide you in strategically designing your Lifetime Best throughout your 12 month Experience!

Focus Area Decision Guide
Based on the descriptions of each area above, check the Areas of Focus you feel most passionate about resolving or mastering. Select as many as apply.