Guiding Seasoned Entrepreneurs to Achieve
Their Lifetime Best Success
(Even In a Post-Pandemic Recession!)

We are in an extraordinary time - and it's time to RISE!

As an Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner you are uniquely equipped to lead the way to a New Normal in our Global - and local - economies. The question is: What's your Plan??

Right now you need to be focused on answering the following questions:

  1. What am I doing RIGHT NOW to protect and sustain my business and business assets?
  2. What am I doing RIGHT NOW to plan for the next, new normal that will become my business in the future?
  3. What am I doing RIGHT NOW to collaborate with other smart people to design strategies and navigate this uncertain time that is loaded with opportunity?

You've put everything you have into your business: massive sacrifices of money, time, and heart. NOW is your time!

It's time to design a NEW way of doing Business... that makes a powerful difference to the people you serve - and opens the gate to new audiences and new markets.

Let's Lead The Way - With Entrepreneur Excellence!

To Help You Achieve Entrepreneur Excellence
We'll Focus On 4 Key Objectives

  1. Designing your business so that it produces your best-ever income, from multiple sources, and predictively. This means getting rid of the stuff that isn't making money, focusing on what does, and building both lead and revenue streams that are recurring.
  2. Building your business so that it isn't dependent on you. Your business can - and should be able to - run as well without you as it does with you. As well, it should be designed to run well during the worst of times as well as the best of times. We'll show you how.
  3. Shifting to a new mindset. Many Entrepreneurs think that "one day" when their business is awesome, they'll have an amazing life. Not true. If your health, relationships, or other passions outside of business are neglected - their "dis-ease" will eventually take your business down. So we guide you to design your time and focus so that it is all being taken care of.
  4. Setting up a structure of support, collaboration, accountability, and guidance. You'll embrace a simple but emphatic truth in life: Kickin' ass ISN'T a do-it-yourself project!

Get A Taste Of The Mission
Watch The Entrepreneur Excellence™ Manifesto Video

Meet Entrepreneur Excellence™ Founder
Coach Steve Dailey

I started my first business in 1984, so I've seen a lot of economic peaks and valleys. And what we are experiencing right now - like they say in Texas - "ain't no hill for a climber!" We've got this...if we, as Small Business Owners, choose to lead.

With over 30 years practicing as a Business Coach I've learned a lot from my own experiences, but even more from those I've guided to new levels of success in any economy. That experience has enabled me to develop frameworks and strategies that offer a predictable path for new success.

The attainment of exceptional success for any of us requires coaching, of course. All top performers in any domain know that. But it turns out that coaching by itself doesn't reach nirvana. New success also requires several other elements that are critical:

      • A shift in Mindset
      • Reallocation of Time
      • Collaboration with others that have been there
      • Tools and resources that provide insight and inspiration
      • Guidance and accountability throughout the entire journey

When all that comes together, suddenly remarkable new success is attainable. That's what I've built with The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance and Entrepreneur Excellence Coaching.

It would be my privilege to share with you what I've learned and what the process looks like to achieve what I call Entrepreneur Excellence...and Lifetime Best Success.