De-mystifying “Digital Marketing”

Josh is an experienced digital marketer who has a proven track record of increasing sales and leads for a wide range of companies. He drove $1.4MM in sales in 1 month for a company, helping them hit their company goal and secure funding. He has been driving $300k per month in revenue since 2016 and has helped grow many companies like this over the last 10+ years he has been managing ads.

Josh develops digital marketing strategies, and then executes them to hit and exceed company goals efficiently and effectively. He constantly iterates and tests to find new ways to expertly hit target audiences to drive powerful, scalable results.

Josh has a passion for digital advertising, and loves working with new companies to help them understand how to grow their company using Google Ads (Search & Display), Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Josh has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years, working with all kinds of budgets and industries to efficiently increase their revenue.

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