Where Science and Fun Intersect

Dr. Kathryn Guylay is an agent of change serving business leaders and elite athletes. She combines best practices from a management consulting background with coaching skills and tools for highly effective communication, strategy development, personal branding, and marketing and sales.

Kathryn has a MBA and Ph.D. in natural medicine with a focus on brain-body wellness. Kathryn works with clients using Brainspotting, photobiomodulation, cranial-electrical stimulation and vagus nerve stimulation to improve health and productivity.

Kathryn’s expertise has been featured throughout many events and media, including ABC, CBS, NPR and hundreds of radio interviews and articles. She has published six books and hosts two podcasts, syndicated across all the major platforms.

She is known for being “relentlessly helpful” to her clients, and Kathryn loves delivering speeches and workshops on topics spanning positive psychology, leadership, communication, holistic wellness, and creativity.

Check out Kathryn’s free resources here, https://makeeverythingfun.com/resources