Interviews With Luminaries

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Thanks for agreeing to a Luminary Interview!
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As Confirmation of Information You've Read...

  • - We'll be using Zoom (from your laptop or desktop with webcam on)
  • - Simply go to: (this will come in your calendar invite but you might want to jot this down just in case)
  • - Please log in a minute or two early so we can start on time
  • - If you need to cancel or reschedule, there will be a link in your email confirmation
  • - This Interview will be featured for Members of The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance and distributed to thousands of people through the AchievementBridgeâ„¢ social media sites. As well, your interview will feature at least five long-lasting backlinks to landing page of your choice.
  • - Our format will be very simple:
    1) We'll start with webcams and mics on, and check to be sure everything is working well on both sides.
    2) Coach Steve will welcome you and introduce you using a short bio which you will provide (via a link you'll see in your confirmation).
    3) We'll then open up a simple, informal chat that explores simple topics about your target market, your work, and principles you use to make an impact with your clients. We'll drill down or weave to keep it interesting...just follow my lead. I'll make it easy for you!
    4) Once we conclude the interview, we'll stay on (recorder off) and I'll ask you if there's anything you'd like me to edit out and we'll confirm it's a go!

So...with that, all that's left is for you to fire off an email with the bio you'd like me to use in your introduction and the url or landing page you want me to use in our the backlinks we'll be using to promote you: 

Thanks, Coach Steve