Interviews With Luminaries

Let's Stir the Marketplace... and Inspire Many!

Here's What It's All About...

What The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance is...and why I think you'll relate...

I’ve been working with Entrepreneurs and small business owners for over 30 years, supporting both personal and business transformation and new levels of success.

In the last number of years, I’ve observed consistently that conversations with my clients that are in the “second half” of life - ie over 40 or 50 or so - takes a decided tone toward “look, I’ve been doing this awhile and I know my business can do better. Meanwhile there’s a sort of clock ticking in my head that is creating urgency…”

Meanwhile, I continue to be impressed with what each of these seasoned business owners has learned about business. They’ve solved some hefty business problems that got them to this point and they are undaunted, still striving for more!

So I thought - what if I could combine my regular coaching with a platform for like-minded “success-preneurs” to gather and share their insights to support each other’s journey?

So that question birthed The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance - what is now forming as a community of smart, wise business people building world-class businesses and a kick-ass life…at the same time!

And Where Do Luminaries Like You Fit In?

Through the years I’ve remained in a constant state of learning from people like you and it has powerfully contributed to not only my success, but the others I’ve served as I've enthusiastically passed along examples, stories, and insights.

As well, I've met many that not only presented themselves as amazing and valuable resources to other business people, but have also represented themselves as true examples of "Entrepreneur Excellence" in the way they saw business.

So I'm on a mission to collect and “package” insights from people like you. The recordings will be stored on The Alliance platform perpetually and your voice will be of enduring value and inspiration to many, positioned among others I believe are noteworthy examples of what it takes to make a difference while “kickin’ ass in the second half of life” as an business owner.

Also, and not incidentally, I am intending that these Interviews will provide you a valued resource. I will make sure you are "known" to those you might not have otherwise touched. To do that, I will also publish your interview on my social media pages, and distribute to my email list. When you provide me with a link to your site or landing page, you'll have at least 5 enduring backlinks that I hope will help you gain audience.

How the Interview Will Be Done

When we lock in a time for the interview I’ll make sure you have a calendar invitation and a Zoom link. (If your not familiar, Zoom is a web-conferencing platform, that allows us to record the interview with both audio and video through your computer.)

You will simply click the link I'll send to you to get into the call and it will prompt you to select whether you want to call in from phone or through your computer. I’ll be using my web cam and encourage you to do the same but it’s up to you.

We’ll start the call with a quick chat to set things up. (Don’t worry, I won’t record that part.)

My intention is to make these interviews fun and natural. I won’t have a strict script, though some suggested interview questions are on this page. Let me know ahead if you would like me to cover anything specifically as well. We’ll let the conversation weave and flow however it goes. I predict that you will say some things that I’ll want to “go deeper” into and that may take us in a direction that neither of us predicted. Of course, the whole focus is on serving the Members of the Alliance and providing inspiration from your unique insight.

The actual interview will go around 20-30 minutes. Once I think we have explored our discussion sufficiently. I will invite you to provide your contact information (web site, link, phone number, email address, or whatever you want) and do a short commercial on anything you would like to promote to the listeners. Remember this interview will be “evergreen” so whatever you put out should consider that.

At that point, I’ll thank you again and that will be the end of the interview. We’ll then stay on the line and talk through how it went. If there was anything we discussed that you’d like me to edit out, just let me know and I’ll address it before posting.

Of course you will receive a copy of the interview (audio and video if we use it) and you can use that in any way you wish. All I ask is that you mention my web address ( when you post the interview.

So that's how it works! The whole thing is to just have fun and inspire some people!

Options for Interview Questions

1. Describe the business you are in and how you serve your chosen marketplace.
2. What is your core, differentiated focus or brand that uniquely attracts the people you love serving the most?
3. Tell us one of your favorite success stories that you are most proud of.
4. What are the one or two concepts that you teach or advise that consistently makes a difference to your clients.
5. What have your clients taught you about business success?
6. How do you take care of important areas of life outside of business: fitness, relationships, other passions, bucket list…?
7. What have been some of the most important mentors or advisors in your life to date and what are one or two things from them you carry with you?
8. Who are you learning from currently?
9. Are you working on anything now that you believe will be your next great achievement or “big thing”?
10. How will business integrate or be part of your next chapter in life?

                  All I need from you to make this happen:

                  1. 1. Book a time to do your interview by going to this link...or hit the Button below.
                  2. 2. Upload a headshot picture and a short bio in the booking form that you'd like me to use in your introduction in the interview. As well, include the landing page or url I need to embed in the promotional links. I will use to make sure you are (more) famous!

                  If you want to do a bit more research to be sure we have a fit...

                  We both know that reputation is largely determined by who we associate with. Please go to my website to see what I'm up to. Also check out my bio. And it might be of interest to see what others say about me. Do your due diligence. I certainly have!

                  And of course, check out an example of other Luminaries you will be associating with at the bottom of this page!

                  So with all that...

                  If all this sounds compelling - and I trust it does - click the button below... and we'll be off to the races!!

                  Example Luminary Interviews:

                  Pete Canalichio

                  Pete Canalichio is an award-winning author of the Amazon #1 New Release, “Expand, Grow, Thrive” (2018) and TEDx speaker. He has worked in brand strategy, expansion and licensing for the past 20 years for The Coca-Cola Company, Newell Brands and most recently, BrandAlive.

                  Pete Canalichio

                  Hanieh Sigari

                  Hanieh Sigari is an entrepreneur, biochemist, and anti-aging industry disruptor. Her holistic skincare brand, Qyral, is the culmination of a lifelong mission to improve lives and increase longevity. 

                  Hanieh Sigari

                  James Friel

                  An entrepreneur, consultant and author who helps entrepreneurs systemize, grow, and scale their businesses by getting them out of the day to day operations of running their companies so they can make more money and have more time and freedom.

                  James Friel