(Re) Designing Your Life’s Path

For seven years I split my time between Colorado and California, but a few months ago I moved back to Aspen full time. I am a certified Master Integrative Life Coach and Holistic Health Lifestyle Coach. Prior to my work as a coach I was the owner and founder of a personal training gym for sixteen years – so, I know what it takes to help people achieve big goals.

I am a melanoma cancer survivor and have served on the Board of the Susan G. Komen foundation in Aspen. My path toward coach was a natural evolution – I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education. I hold multiple personal training certifications and have been focused on health and wellness since 2001. I am also a senior mentor and head of mentor training at the Ford Institute.

I live my life by example, in the last several years, I’ve traveled by myself in Thailand alone and keep exploring new things. In 2017, I took on my biggest challenge by climbing Kilimanjaro at the age of 61. Coaching others to step out of fear and step into bigger versions of myself is my passion.

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