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AchievementBridge™ Coaching Intensive Membership

$749 / month

12 Months of Support to achieve your Lifetime Best Income and a Kick-Ass Life!


12 Month program includes:

  • First 100 Days of Intensive 1:1 Coaching for Strategy, Catalyst, and Launch
  • Next 265 Days with Monthly 1:1 Strategy and Coaching Sessions
  • Anytime Laser Coaching (15 minutes on any topic, anytime) for the full 12 months
  • Comprehensive Business Assessment using the 7 Triggers model
  • 12 months access to The Entrepreneur Excellence™ Alliance and Assets including:
    • Trailside Chats each week – collaboration and insight with other Entrepreneur Members
    • Hot Seat Mastermind Sessions – small group problem-solving
    • The Kumu Connection – Member marketplace showcasing your services
    • The Resource Library – book recommendations, links to blogs, assets, tools
    • Daily Laser Minute Audio Segments for Inspiration
    • Interviews with Luminaries and Podcast archives
    • Self-paced programs including frameworks, audio/video guidance, worksheets, and more that will support you in achieving Entrepreneur Excellence in Wealth, Health, Connection, and Influence!

12 monthly payments of $749/month

Money Back Guarantee: You will receive 12 months of support and access to coaching and assets, as well as collaboration with other, like-minded Entrepreneurs. If you show up to all coaching sessions during this period, regularly attend the Member collaboration, absorb the content, and take action as advised and you do not feel you can predict your Lifetime Best income you will receive a full refund upon written request. This guarantee will be offered after the Comprehensive 7 Triggers Assessment.