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Business Radio Show Recordings
with Tony Parinello and Coach Steve

Listen to these powerful archived radio shows!

Anthony Parinello, is a bestselling author that has trained over 2 million sales professionals and 65 of the Fortune 100. He hosts a regular Radio Show where Coach Steve joins him monthly to talk all-things business: mindset, busting obstacles, setting and achieving goals in business, and more!

You will enjoy Tony and Steve's banter, while being challenged to your best in business.


How to Influence VITO, Your Parents, Friends and Relatives

What is the best way to have the mindset of someone who can influence another individual who has a lofty title like CEO, president or owner? Listen up!


Strengths and Weaknesses

Is there a self-assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to anything, whether it's a personal relationship, a physical goal of running a marathon, or our sales work?


Goal Checking

With the years flying by, how do we goal check? How do we check in with our goals to make sure we're on track? And what do we do if we see that we're off track? Listen to Coach Steve's advice on goals...


Commitment and Hesitation

I have two situations with two different words. The first is with the word 'commitment'. The second word is 'hesitation'. Let's dive into these two words and the consequences of not committing when you should, in business!

commitment and hesitation

Your Better Second Half

Whether you're 20, 40 or 60 -- you're either heading toward (or you are already in) what we might call, the second half of life. And my mantra, that we'll discuss is... "If not for the second half, what was the first half for?"


Your Next Best Step to Success!

Coach Steve Dailey gives us insights on how to punch through self-imposed barriers or barriers imposed by others, which there is no shortage of, believe me. Because big thoughts go nowhere without bold action.


Start to Completion

What is the mindset that we need to have to finish things to completion rather than abandoning it?


Sitting on the Fence

You can spend a lifetime trying to figure it out, hitting and missing on what works when it comes to action.



Coach Steve Dailey gives us advice on how to move past or replace a habit that's holding us back and adopt a habit to take action.



What do we do when we are reluctant to ask for a referral or to make a cold call, because we're in a state of uncertainty?


Overconfident Prospect

Coach Steve talks about the risk and the reward and the mindset of being overconfident - how it can be a defense mechanism.


Panic & Behind Quota

What is the best way to handle panic in seeing the clock ticking... running towards the end of your year and being behind quota?



Whether we realize it or not, in life we are continually reinventing the "what," but whether it is productive or not is a conscious choice. Let's dig in!


Devastation, Uncertainty, Intentional & Mindset

What kind of Mindset do you need when you're faced with something devastating... a natural disaster, the loss of a job, etc...?


Reality Check for this Year's Goal Achievement

Coach Steve helps us break through self-imposed barriers and barriers that others put in our way -- to reaching our goals.



Coach Steve discusses the whole practice of truly becoming world class as an entrepreneur.


Defining Success

Success starts with courage. It's stepping into, and being willing to embrace the uncertainty.


Goal Setting - Part I

Coach Steve takes us through three steps in setting... and achieving goals.


Goal Setting - Part II

Coach Steve takes us through a step-by-step process in creating effective, reachable, attainable goals.


Goal Achievement - Part I

Goal Achievement requires full-on engagement. There's no room in the mindset of an achiever for regret.


Goal Achievement - Part II

The distinction between Goal setting and Goal Achievement starts with defining what supports success and then taking action.