Is Your Business Bankable? 

Randy Dewey is the Founder of L.I.F.T. Leadership. He is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author with 3 decades of C-Suite experience as a leadership and business growth expert. He developed “The L.I.F.T. Method” to help solve these complex leadership and business problems. He has worked in 32 different countries, flown over 1M miles, drove over $1.8B in corporate value while successfully raising 11 children. 

Randy was the guy PE Firms, Owners, and Founders would call to replace their CEOs. However, he has turned his passion towards helping leaders pivot their companies and help lead with passion, inspiring their people, focusing on what makes a lasting change, and transforming obstacles into opportunities. L.I.F.T. has guided Randy to success, and his organization is ready to serve you. 

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