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The Secrets to Building A
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Learn The Exact Steps To
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Here's the Deal:

When you ask any established, successful Business Owner how they build their business, they always say, "Oh...primarily by Referrals!"

And that truly is the best way to grow a business: introductions and recommendations by someone else that has said great things about you...and it makes the phone ring.

Selling becomes easy. Prospects know what you do. They aren't shopping or kicking tires. They are ready to buy...and all you have to do is validate that you know how to solve their problem.

But there is a big challenge when you rely on Referrals to build your business: its not predictable. You can't just "turn on" Referrals when you need them the most!

But we have a solution for that...and you need to know about it!

In This Virtual Workshop You Will Take Away:

  • The 3 Essential Assets

    There are 3 Essential Assets you need to set up before creating a Referral Generation Engine. You’ll learn them here, and we’ll guide you in creating them if they aren’t already in place.

  • How To Find Referral Partners

    Leaving Referrals up to happenstance is not a good strategy. We will show you how to identify perfect Referral Partners, and how to assure they will always say YES!

  • How To Create A Coalition

    “Partners” don’t automatically become a purposed, relentless team committed to supporting success for all those they are associated with. You need a Coalition, and we’ll show you how to set that up.

  • Creating a Campaign

    Predictable Referral-generation requires creating “campaigns” that generate brand awareness and attraction. We’ll show you how to set yours up that predicts new lead flow.

  • Creating Predictable Conversion

    Once you get a Referral, it’s up to you to to turn them into a Client. To avoid spikes and valleys in results…you need to learn the 3 keys to Conversion. You’ll learn those here.

  • Making It A Machine

    Once your Referral-generating engine is set up, you need to pour on the gas. We’ll teach you how to make sure your machine is perpetual and predictable.

...And Much More!

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Limited To 10 Serious Business Owners

Tony Parinello

“Steve teaches a practical way to create a successful business. He will teach you more lessons about business in 20 minutes than you could learn at a week-long seminar.”

Tony Parinello Best Selling Author and Mentor to over 2 Million Business Professionals
Dan Watts, MD

“I was trying to figure out how to differentiate in a market where everyone looks the same. Steve guided me to my sweet spot…now everything I’ve done in my business has been more successful.”

Dan Watts, MD Founder The Renewal Point, Author, and Entrepreneur
Winn Wittman

“I found a path to a global reputation. I work from a virtual office, I generate fees that my peers are envious of, and – even better – I enjoy a lifestyle that I could have never predicted in the beginning.”

Winn Wittman Winn Wittman Architecture
reserve your spot

Limited To 10 Serious Business Owners