How The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™ Is
Changing The Way Business Networking Is Done

We can go Global, not just Local

Most Business Networking groups are formed locally. That works fine if your business serves geographically local customers or clients. But if anything you do is available to clients that have internet access - we can form networks globally as well!

We help you create a Power Marketing Team

We have a formula for building what we call a Mastermind Coalition - a small group of 3 to 8, hand-picked Business Owners that are serving the same or similar target market that you are, but with non-competing products or services. Once formed, you will work with your Coach to strategize and execute co-marketing campaigns that will turn into a referral-generating machine.

You will have a Business Success Advisory Group

The same Mastermind Coalition you are leveraging for referral generation is also a Business Advisory Group - smart, seasoned, business owners with good ideas and experience that you can tap anytime. Your Coach will facilitate "Hot Seat Mastermind Sessions" where you can bring your biggest opportunity, challenge, or goal to the group for brainstorming and solution-finding.

You're not stuck with whoever is already there

In most Business Networking groups, you're pretty much stuck with whoever is already there, unless you go out and invite others. Here, we strategically hand-pick those you'll be working with most closely (your Coalition) and then you have access to others that have been hand-picked too.

You are encouraged to sell your stuff to one another

Many of the most popular Business Networking groups forbid selling directly to other members. We get it - if not contained that can turn into a pitch-fest. But in The Alliance, we actually encourage peer-marketing and have a specific place for it called The Kumu Connection (aka Member Marketplace). Your listing will showcase you  and your services in a short video, a verbal description, and link back to your website or lead magnet.

You have a Professional Business Coach guiding you

Most Business Networking groups are lead by a volunteer. Some are lead by a "franchise owner" that gets paid from your membership dues. That can work fine if you happen to have a good leader. In The Alliance, you have the vigilant, professional guidance of a 30-year veteran Business Coach - Steve Dailey. Not only will you tap the wisdom and synergy of your Coalition and the other Alliance Members, you'll have the steady guidance and input from Coach Steve.

Everyone has skin in the game

You make an investment to join The Alliance - and so does everyone else. This isn't a "pay for breakfast" entrance fee - it is an investment in professional coaching and a system that produces predictable results. Big difference...and everyone engages differently (read: more committed) because of that.

Everyone gets an ROI

Most Business Networking groups are a bit of a crap shoot - you're hoping that your investment of time and money will pay off. With The Alliance - we focus on this paying off - there's really no other agenda.

You don't have to eat rubber chicken

How many meetings have you been to where you were served something barely edible and sat next to someone that decided to take a nap during the boring speaker's talk? We don't serve lunch, there are no boring speakers, and because you do meetings virtually (on Zoom) you can bring whatever you want to eat or drink in the comfort of your own home or office.

There's more Business Success Support

The Alliance is packed with an ever-growing array of business success support assets: self-paced courses, a library of recommended books, blogs and podcasts, recorded interviews with business icons (we call them Luminaries), and more. We're in the "business success business" - 100%

You have a guarantee

If you participate and don't experience new success - you get your money back. And you can also not participate and stop at any time. In any case, we set this up to work for you if you work it - and guarantee it.


Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™
Membership Assets Include:


The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™
Master Framework and 3 Essential Laws


The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™
Master Framework and 3 Essential Laws



Connect With Fellow Entrepreneurs!


Build Strategies for Business Growth!


Innovate & Inspire Predictable Success!

The Alliance In A Nutshell

The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™ Is...
A Virtual Community of Seasoned Entrepreneurs
Collaborating To Support One Another To
Achieve Enduring Success in Both Business and Life

Alliance Members connect in small groups of like-minded Peers that
serve the same target market 
but with non-competing services.

The small groups (we call them "Mastermind Coalitions") then build co-marketing strategies, 
cross-selling and referral agreements, and new brand awareness campaigns.

In addition, Alliance Members engage in an ever-growing array of support and resources 
to accelerate their mission to achieve Entrepreneur Excellence.

Here's How It Works...

Step 1:
Strategize With Your Coach

Map The Plan

As soon as you sign up as a Member to The Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance™ you will schedule a 1:1 Strategy Session with your Coach. You'll walk through a discussion about your core offerings, your target market, what you are currently doing to market and it's effectiveness, and the profile of the ideal Marketing Partner for you. We'll also talk about how well your business is supporting your definition of an ideal lifestyle - now and for the future. We'll then begin shaping your "Mastermind Coalition": other Alliance Members or the profile of new Members that are serving the same or similar target market that you are, but with non-competing services. 

Your Coach will also help you sketch specific goals for business and income growth while providing guidance for how to leverage the Alliance Assets to support your ultimate achievement. 

Click here to review all of the Alliance Member Assets.

Step 2:
Form Your Coalition and Collaborate

Start Building

You'll then work with your Coach to form your Coalition. You may have people in mind already, or your Coach will take your input and begin to scour the marketplace for ideal fits. We'll look into the existing Alliance Membership for prospective Coalition partners AND take your criteria to the US marketplace. Your Coach will then vet and recruit qualified Entrepreneurs to your Coalition. 

Your Mastermind Coalition may start with just one Co-Member but our goal is to form a team of from three to eight members. There is certainly power in numbers but we've learned that even just one good partner can create amazing synergy and results. 

Once your Coalition begins forming, you'll go to work right away in crafting co-marketing and referral-sharing strategies. Your Coach will facilitate and it is not unusual for campaigns and lead flow to come out of the very first conversation! We'll identify low-hanging fruit, as well as long-term and continuous strategies.

Step 3:
Connect, Participate, Learn, and Grow

Tap ALL The Alliance Assets

As a Member of The Alliance you will be joined by a Tribe of like-minded Success-preneurs, all seeking to accelerate their own journey to Entrepreneur Excellence (see our Manifesto Video below). To support that mission, and further enhance peer-collaboration for mutual benefit, we have assembled a broad array of Tools and Resources that you are invited to fully absorb, enjoy, and benefit.

Watch Our Manifesto Video

Ready To Go? 
Let's Do This!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Mastermind Coalition"?

A Mastermind Coalition is a small group (3-8) of fellow Business Owners serving the same or similar target markets, but with non-competitive services. Your Coach will facilitate monthly meetings with your Power Coalition to construct lead and referral exchange, co-promotion campaigns, alliances that add value to respective client bases...the possibilities for synergy and mutual benefit are significant. We will find Coalition Members for you and you can also invite those you feel are a fit.

What are the ideal characteristics of a Mastermind Coalition Member?

Mastermind Coalition Members can be from any industry and offer any product or service. They ideally own an established business that is generating $500k or more in annual gross revenue. Their web site clearly describes the problem they solve and they offer  various solutions that are not competitive to yours. Members will  value referrals over "cold contacts" in their selling process and also understand and value being part of a like-minded team. These are guidelines and not requirements but good to keep in mind.

Besides Collaborating On Marketing Strategies, Are There Other Mastermind Opportunities?

Of course! Besides meeting with your Coalition to brainstorm co-marketing strategies, every month you will also meet with your Mastermind Coalition (with your Coach facilitating) to do a Hot Seat Mastermind Session where a member will present business goals, opportunities, or specific challenges and discuss new ideas, solutions, and strategies. 

Also, every week we have a session with the entire Alliance Membership we call "Trailside Chats". There, we bring business-building topics for Q&A, share wins, track progress on your work, and learn from the success of other Alliance Members.

And finally, you can reach out to any other Alliance Members you feel may be like-minded and synergistic and create additional Mastermind groups for mutual success. You'll also get to know other Members in the Member Marketplace we call The Kumu Connection.

What this about a Member Marketplace?

The Kumu Connection is a Member Marketplace where you will showcase your business, products, and services for Alliance Members to peruse. Your listing will include a short video, a verbal description, and a link back to your lead magnet or website. The term "Kumu" is the Hawaiian name for the wise elder, counselor, and advisor that every Tribal Leader selected to help govern and assure the success of their family and Tribe. You can be a "Kumu" to any or all the other Alliance Members!

Do I need to pay for leads?

No! You pay a monthly fee to be a Member of The Alliance and have access to all available assets - and one of those is the opportunity to proactively create strategies for new business generation, but you are NOT required to pay a fee, override, or commission on the business generated. If your Coalition Members feel referral fees are appropriate among them, that's up to you. There are no fees, overrides, or commissions paid to Entrepreneur Excellence for new business generated.

How Do I Meet Other Alliance Members Outside Of My Coalition?

Every Alliance Member will have a social-media-like profile and a Kumu Connection placement. Between these two assets you will have a virtual catalogue of Members and easy access to connecting, starting conversations, and establishing relationships. Your interaction with Alliance Members is NOT limited to your Power Coalition - and in fact, we encourage getting to know everyone!

What Are The Trailside Chats About And Is Attendance Required?

Once each week we will have a "Trailside Chat" and all Alliance Members are invited. These sessions are for Q&A about best practices and what's working in referral generation, soliciting Coach's guidance on navigating any of the Personal and Business Development programs offered, and sharing ideas on topics relating to navigating the journey to Entrepreneur Excellence via The Entrepreneur Excellence Advantage™ Master Framework. Think of it as an open conversation among an elite Tribe of Success-Seekers. Attendance is not required but strongly recommended.

Can I really expect new leads and referrals?

Not only can you expect new leads and referrals, you can expect to build an ongoing lead generation machine. Many successful businesses rely on referrals for new business. And that's awesome but often not predictable. You are literally "hoping" someone says something nice about you to someone else that might be in the market for your services. With The Alliance, we are purposefully creating an ongoing, never-ending series of marketing campaigns the stimulate new business continuously. Now that's real marketing.

What are examples of co-marketing strategies?

An excellent co-marketing strategy would be a "marketing swap" where you present value-added information (such as a webinar or workshop or free resource) to the database of one of your Coalition Members, and they do the same for yours. Another strategy would be to package a Member's services with your own for more benefit to your respective clients. These are only two of hundreds of approaches you can deploy.

Who is the Coach?

Your Coach is Steve Dailey. He is a 30-year veteran Business Coach and has guided thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners to lifetime best achievements. He was an early pioneer in the Coaching industry and has been recognized as one of the most respected voices in the coaching world. His full bio is here.

Can I belong to more than one Coalition?

Absolutely! But it's important that you play "full out" with any Coalition you are part of; that is the power of the Coalition is that you participate in activities that create referrals for the other members as much as they are doing the same for you.

What if I can't make the Coalition meetings?

Of course, stuff comes stuff and personal stuff. That said, we hope that Members treat their relationship and partnership with fellow Coalition Members as a priority and with respect. Consistency is key to achieving new success in any arena - and so it is true here.

Join The Alliance
Let's Do Business Networking
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"Steve teaches an unstoppable mindset. His programs teach you more lessons about business in 20 minutes than you can learn in years. He walks his talk and teaches it too."

Tony Parinello

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“I learned how crucial it is to create affiliate relationships in order to grow a successful business that will give me the freedom and lifestyle that I want. I wish I would have worked with Coach Steve when I started my business 12 years ago!

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“I was looking for someone who could help me take my plans and implement them. Coach Steve was excellent. My ideas are becoming reality.”

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“My business was in a critical place and he was able to help me transition. I'm now one of only a handful of top architects in the US. His strategies obviously made a big impact in my business, but my life a whole as well.”

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