Meet Coach Steve

Let's Build A Strategy
For Your Lifetime Best Achievement!

New To Entrepreneur Excellence?
Let's Make Sure We're On The Same Page
(aka Full Transparency)

Because you are on this page, you know you've got more to accomplish in business and life...and that now is the time to do something about it. 

And you also know this isn't a do-it-yourself project! Coaching, peer collaboration, and new ideas are the necessary assets for breakthroughs. 

So let’s meet and put all of that together for you and your future!

This is how our meeting will go…
First, this will be a full-on coaching session designed to help you create a solid foothold for taking you to where you know you are capable.   

We'll explore the current state of your business, and where you want it to go. I'll also ask questions about your life outside of business, and check in on how all that is going vs what you’d like to change or improve.

With that, we'll craft a Strategy for Lifetime Best Achievement. Business...Life...All of it!

I'll invite you to ask me questions about anything as well... pick my brain, go deeper, cover any topic that's on your mind. 

Your take-away: a plan, good advise, valuable perspective - and maybe (if you need it) a kick in the keester.

At that point I may ask you if you feel I am the Guide you've been looking for to help you navigate a new journey to epic success. You'll give me your transparent and honest feedback and we’ll go from there.

Important note: Our meeting will absolutely NOT be a “a sales ambush" or involve any arm twisting or "grab your credit card-this expires at midnight" stuff. And of course, there's no charge for this conversation. eliminate the suspense, there's a few things you need to know:

Coaching - and how we've embedded into The Entrepreneur Alliance - is arguably the most powerful catalyst you could engage to accelerate and advance to new success...and it requires an investment of Time  (100 days - 12 months commitment), Money (aka skin in the game, and Heart  (an authentic desire to achieve Entrepreneur Excellence and Lifetime Best Success).
Though Coaching and Peer Collaboration requires an investment (as noted above), as long as you apply what you learn, it will always pay for itself many times over. And in fact, your return will continue to reap reward for the rest of life.
I know - and greatly respect - that you know how to get stuff done on your own. You wouldn't be here if that weren't true. But I'm going to assume that you also know that there is awesome power in partnership, collaboration, and accountability. I'm not into handholding or spa appointments. I am into challenging and guiding ambitious people to new success.
Should we work together, I will make a relentless commitment to your success, provide a satisfaction guarantee, introduce you to other like-minded seasoned entrepreneurs, and offer a rich array of resources to accelerate your learning and success.

So... if you agree to all the above and are ready to design your Strategy for Lifetime Best Achievement
and explore how we can work together to make it happen,
 let’s meet ASAP!
Simply click through my booking process below and we'll be set.

Personal Challenges Shaping Mindset

A bicycle trek from Colorado to Canada and back – over 2300 miles – on a beer bet
An over 12-hour continuous swim challenge to raise money for Make a Wish
Numerous triathlons (well before required bicycle helmets and state of the art gear)
Five “Hotter N Hell Hundred” – 100 mile bike races in 100 degree heat in under 5 hours
An International Canoe race across country of Belize – 175 miles over 4 days
20 years ranked in the National Top Ten in Master’s swimming
Multiple Regional record-holder in Master’s swim competition
Successful completion of the 265 mile Texas Water Safari canoe race – anointed as the World’s Toughest Boat Race – completing in 90 hours with only 5 hours’ sleep
Successful summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro – the world’s highest free-standing mountain – raising money for clean water around the world
Successful summit and decent of Pikes Peak in one day
Successful summit of Mauna Loa – the world’s largest  highest active volcano
An amazing “rite of passage” backpacking trip with my son through 4 states
Participation in several ocean open-water swim races
A recent 91 mile bike race up and over 4 summits in the Idaho mountains
…and currently planning to circumnavigate Mt. Rainier, along with other "Legacy List" adventures

A Sample of Business Coaching Achievements

Supported numerous start-ups to go from “ideation” to market in less than 100 days
Helped the successful transformation of many “solo-preneur” businesses from owner-dependent to self sufficiency.
Coached numerous small business owners to increased profitability by improving selling systems, employee development, branding, and leadership. Many reached their first 7 Figure income during their coaching experience.
Contributed to executive teams of several global, billion dollar companies to restructure leadership philosophy and effectiveness
Participated as a Faculty Member and content author for numerous thought-leader collaborations including The Coaching Staff, Inc, Zig Ziglar's CanDoGo, and The Network Marketing Magazine Collaboration.
Hosted “The Dailey Juice” radio show on Talk Radio 1370 AM – Austin
Co-Hosted and contributed as Head Coach on Club VITO – members-only internet radio for Sales Professionals; reaching 13 countries.
Contribute to best-selling books Getting the Second AppointmentNever Cold Call Again and Getting to VITO by Anthony Parinello
Was selected as Technical Editor for Selling for DummiesAll-In-One Selling for Dummies, and Presentations for Dummies.
Trained scores of other professional coaches and form several nation-wide coaching teams to serve large organizations