You're In Good Company

Tony Parinello - Best Selling Author, Founder Tony Parinello - Best Selling Author, Founder, VITO Selling

Fun-loving, world-class author and speaker, exceptional friend and traveling buddy. Wrote several best-selling books at the same time.

"The words 'unstoppable mindset' comes to mind when I think of Coach Steve. He makes you feel like you can do almost anything you set your mind to. Anybody that is a human being who wants to get better at this game called life can benefit from Coach Steve"

Dan Watts, MD - Founder Dan Watts, MD - Founder, The Renewal Point Age Management Center

Defying age and loving mountain biking, mountain climbing, and Harley riding. Defined a new business strategy to change the way people think about their Doctor.

"I was scattered and Steve was the perfect guy...he was able to help me with infrastructure, marketing, client communication, choosing my team...everything I've done has been more successful."

Winn Wittman - Principle Winn Wittman - Principle, Winn Wittman Architecture

World-class architect, singer/songwriter. Went from a "best kept secret" to a highly sought after only one year.

"My business was in a very critical place and he was able to help me transition to being one of a handful of top architects in Texas. He's had a tremendous effect on not only my business life but my personal life as well. 

George Madiou - Founder George Madiou - Founder, The Network Marketing Magazine

Passionate about his faith, model Dad and Husband, un-fazed regardless of the challenge. Learned focus and specificity to take his business from teetering to a rock-solid foundation and explosive growth.

"Most people that call themselves a Coach are really a babysitter. Coach Steve has things most Coaches don't have...he's a great listener and keeps me on focus. My expectations are being achieved with Coach Steve and my advice is don't wait."

Bob Morris - Real Estate Developer Bob Morris - Real Estate Developer, The Raymar Group

Exceptionally talented visionary, keeps finding ways to "give back" to his community. Found value in accountability and follow through on intended targets to be an even more powerful leader.

"I was looking for someone who could take my plans and help me implement them. He helped me establish good communication with the people in my company. Steve is excellent and listening well and feeding back straight talk."

Steven Cahn - Attorney Steven Cahn - Attorney, Cahn Litigation

Relentless Yankee fan, innovative attorney. Went from "hoping the phone would ring" to proactively and successfully implementing innovative and effective business development strategies.

"I didn't have a good understanding of who my market was and how to reach them. I needed a professional to help me understand how people think, how business works and how potential clients respond to marketing and that's exactly what Steve was able to provide."

Michael Klauber - Restauranteur Michael Klauber - Restauranteur, Michael's On East

Exceptionally innovative marketer, very fun social "Pied Piper". Learned to re-balance competing time demands, sooth partner relationships and become an executive leader and a the same time.

"Steve really did a good job in helping me in developing a new communication strategy. He was able to read what was going on in my head in an uncanny way... and see the big picture with me in a way that I hadn't experienced before. It's fantastic to have someone from outside to bounce off your ideas and challenges.

John Hathaway - Principle John Hathaway - Principle, Vanguard Studio

Devoted Husband and Father with a zest for personal growth. Reshaped his brand and messaging and reached best-ever revenue growth in one year.

"One of the things about [Coach Steve] is that you don’t have to tell him a lot before he knows where to go with things. He is able to come in and look at where you are and where you need to be - and really tailor solutions and give specific feedback. I saw [Coach Steve] more as a life coach then a business coach – that’s one of the things I really liked about him."

Fred Hidaji, MD - Surgeon, Founder Fred Hidaji, MD - Surgeon, Founder, Visionary Eye Care

Gifted surgeon, world-class giver. Exploded revenue and created a magnet for new patients by adding services and products.

"I re-signed with Coach Steve seeing how much positive momentum my business saw in such a short amount of time."

Paul Murphy - Investment Advisor, Advanced Diving Instructor Paul Murphy - Investment Advisor, Advanced Diving Instructor

Bullet proof athlete. No-nonsense, results achiever.

"I found Steve to be real. He brings a practical application that he himself has mastered which I haven’t found in the others [coaches]. Steve talks about a lot is authenticity, which encompasses so many things. It is a very rich area which requires an uncommon degree of honesty on behalf of the client. The advantage to that is that the results come."