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The key is you have to be willing to let them!! For me, one of those individuals is Steve Dailey."

Chris Colt

Digital Entrepreneur

"There are people in your life that will make a MASSIVE impact. Those that will see something in you that you can't. They then make it their mission to help you bring it out.

"The words 'unstoppable mindset' comes to mind when I think of Coach Steve. He makes you feel like you can do almost anything you set your mind to. Anybody that is a human being who wants to get better at this game called life can benefit from Coach Steve,"

Tony Parinello

Best Selling Author, Founder, VITO Selling

Fun-loving, world-class author and speaker, exceptional friend and traveling buddy. Wrote several best-selling books at the same time.

"One of the things about [Coach Steve] is that you don’t have to tell him a lot before he knows where to go with things. He is able to come in and look at where you are and where you need to be - and really tailor solutions and give specific feedback. I saw [Coach Steve] more as a life coach then a business coach – that’s one of the things I really liked about him."

John Hathaway

Principle, Vanguard Studio

Devoted Husband and Father with a zest for personal growth. Reshaped his brand and messaging and reached best-ever revenue growth in one year.

"Steve has almost a pastoral ability to understand my thought process, understand what was behind what I was doing and getting at. He would say, ‘Okay Joe, what are you thinking that’s causing you to do this?’ and actually getting into the thought pattern itself and make some changes.”

Joe Boland

Joe Boland

Digital Breakthrough Specialist, Bizagi

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World-class architect, singer/songwriter. Went from a "best kept secret" to a highly sought after only one year.

"My business was in a very critical place and he was able to help me transition to being one of a handful of top architects in Texas. He's had a tremendous effect on not only my business life but my personal life as well."

Win Wittman

Exceptionally talented visionary, keeps finding ways to "give back" to his community. Found value in accountability and follow through on intended targets to be an even more powerful leader.

"I was looking for someone who could take my plans and help me implement them. He helped me establish good communication with the people in my company. Steve is excellent and listening well and feeding back straight talk."

Robert Morris

Real Estate DeveloperThe Raymar Group

"The biggest experience I’ve gained from working with Coach Steve is, simply put, to get the head trash out of my head. I’m working with Steve to take small steps on some different processes. I am a much different person after one year with Steve than I was when I started."

John Munro

John Munro

Global Sales Lead - Disciplined Agile and Brightline - Project Management Institute

"One of the last times he [Coach Steve] and I were speaking, the things that I wrote down in BIG, BOLD letters as he and I were talking and I was taking notes… was ‘Get my mind out of the box.’ I tend to think within the box very frequently in my own business. That needed to change."

Rick Bott

Rick Bott

Owner/President RV Specialists, LLC Central Texas

“He’s a man of integrity, he keeps his word and honors his commitment. He knows how to push in the right way… and he holds you accountable.

There’s been so many “ah ha” moments for me… In terms of realizing that I might be very good at what I do, but there’s just so much that I don’t know about business in general that I thought I knew. I think it was at that point where I realized this isn’t about me being a great executive recruiter, this is about being a really good business person and the things that are important… ‘Principles’ as he would say - that I never thought about.”

Pete Trombetti

Pete Trombetti

Executive Recruiter
Oficio Group, LLC

“One of the really big things [Steve] did was kind of push me pull out my strengths again and my confidence. I was really, really down at the time I was trying to reinvent myself. When I would get down, I would get these really long emails from him to motivate me and give me my strength and confidence back. I know that’s not part of the actual project that we worked on, but that was a really big thing that I needed.”

Kim Bergeron

Kim Bergeron

Executive Assistant I Organization | Leadership | Time Management | Marketing | Proactive, Creative Problem-Solver.

Passionate about his faith, model Dad and Husband, un-fazed regardless of the challenge. Learned focus and specificity to take his business from teetering to a rock-solid foundation and explosive growth.

"Most people that call themselves a Coach are really a babysitter. Coach Steve has things most Coaches don't have...he's a great listener and keeps me on focus. My expectations are being achieved with Coach Steve and my advice is don't wait."

George Madiou

If you're an athlete, you can be an average athlete or you can be a much better athlete if you have a coach, and that's just a timeless principle. He's very high integrity. He's always looking for the right next step. He's willing to do the hard things, and he encourages his clients to do that, knowing that when you do the hard thing, you get the better results sometimes.

 And he challenges clients to be brutally honest about what they will and won't do so that they don't go down rabbit trails, go down a path that they're going to abandon."

Victoria Winburn

Victoria Winburn

"It was a big leap of faith that this investment in my professional development was going to pay off. And I'm excited to say that it was one of the most successful investments I ever made in my business, because these are skills that I continue to have.

Steve guided me in a very customer centric sales approach, and it's made a huge difference. Prior to coaching with him, I probably landed or actually closed about maybe four out of ten of the people that I actually talked to in terms of sales, and now it's probably eight out of ten. It's just been so significant for me."

Casey Hibbard

Results-driven case study copywriter, consultant and trainer; Author, Stories that Sell

“I'd have to say, in working with Coach Steve, it helped to enhance my emotional intelligence when it comes to looking at how I can affect outcomes. And those outcomes being from the perspective of how I relate to everything that's going on around me.

Here's the thing that I like so much about Coach Steve. It was very much in the moment with him, and it wasn't something where he would say, well, if you go back and read in the book, he wasn't relying on that. He was relying on genuine experience that he had been through. And it was all a style of thinking.”

Jesse Haas

Jesse Haas

"Steve really did a good job in helping me in developing a new communication strategy. He was able to read what was going on in my head in an uncanny way... and see the big picture with me in a way that I hadn't experienced before. 

It's fantastic to have someone from outside to bounce off your ideas and challenges."

Michael Klauber

Michael Klauber

Restauranteur, Michael's On East

“I really knew after our first conversation that he’s one of those dynamic people that you don’t come in contact with very often. 

Steve has this way of communicating that makes you feel really comfortable and he has this ability to read people’s strengths and know when to gently nudge you when needed.”

Deb Davis

Deborah Davis

Owner, A Virtual Click Away, LLC

“He’s helped guide me… the analogy I use is that I’m floating down a river rapids and he’s my guide. He’s really helped me be courageous in what I’m doing. He continues to be my “Sherpa Guide” (for lack of a better word)….”

Lynda Roth

Lynda Roth

“I’ve had numerous relationships with trainers and coaches and it seems that [Coach Steve] is a perfect fit for me… Some trainers come in and they’ve got their ways of doing things, and Steve seems to take what you have and build off that.”

Albert Duarte

Albert Duarte

Bullet proof athlete. No-nonsense, results achiever.

"I found Steve to be real.  brings a practical application that he himself has mastered which I haven’t found in the others [coaches]. Steve talks about a lot is authenticity, which encompasses so many things. It is a very rich area which requires an uncommon degree of honesty on behalf of the client. The advantage to that is that the results come."

Paul Murphy

Investment Advisor, Advanced Diving Instructor

Defying age and loving mountain biking, mountain climbing, and Harley riding. Defined a new business strategy to change the way people think about their Doctor.

"I was scattered and Steve was the perfect guy...he was able to help me with infrastructure, marketing, client communication, choosing my team...everything I've done has been more successful."

Dan Watts, MD

"I didn't have a good understanding of who my market was and how to reach them. I needed a professional to help me understand how people think, how business works and how potential clients respond to marketing and that's exactly what Steve was able to provide."

Steven Cahn

Attorney, Cahn Litigation

Relentless Yankee fan, innovative attorney. Went from "hoping the phone would ring" to proactively and successfully implementing innovative and effective business development strategies.

"Steve really did a good job in helping me in developing a new communication strategy. He was able to read what was going on in my head in an uncanny way... and see the big picture with me in a way that I hadn't experienced before. It's fantastic to have someone from outside to bounce off your ideas and challenges."

Michael Klauber

Restauranteur, Michael's On East

Exceptionally innovative marketer, very fun social "Pied Piper". Learned to re-balance competing time demands, sooth partner relationships and become an executive leader and a the same time.

"I re-signed with Coach Steve seeing how much positive momentum my business saw in such a short amount of time."

Fred Hidaji, MD 

Surgeon, Founder, Visionary Eye Care

Gifted surgeon, world-class giver. Exploded revenue and created a magnet for new patients by adding services and products.

What Other Raving Clients are Saying....

"I appreciate you taking the time to lend your ear and advice to my specific issue with one failed estimate. It felt great getting back in the ring today with clear focus!"


Owner, Deep Clean Texas

"Everything you've taught me has finally created continuous clientele that come in for only the stuff I offer instead of random attorney questions.

If not for you, I wouldn't be able to support my family in the way I am doing now!"

Dominic Lovotti

Principle, Excel Legal

"I can feel that my confidence grew a lot over this course, and I'm much more brave with taking action. I'm working my way through my networking list and making a plan for getting involved with more activities and groups for networking purposes."

Sara Colt


"I just want to thank you for the Business Breakthrough coaching sessions.  I've gleaned something meaningful in each meeting.  

I've been practicing the nighttime ritual you suggested and I feel it is making a difference in both my focus and my creativity during the workday."

Mary Ellen Midgley

Business Owner, Market America

"Both Amanda and I are in love with you!  I really feel that any young first time entrepreneur who doesn’t spend resource to hire a capable coach is selling himself short.  

Thank you for kicking me in the ass and I will need that often until that part of muscle is trained to act differently."

Jonny Huang

Personal CFO

"When I started my own corporate consulting business I was clueless about how to create a compelling marketing framework. The senior partner of one of the world's leading professional services firms recommended Steve to me. I worked with him for about a year. He was tremendously helpful.

Steve has a gift for helping you authentically shape your own brand (even those of us who have never had to do that before). He's patient, smart, direct, no bs, and fun to work with. He taught me to crawl and before I knew it we were creating a world-class website."

Robert Mintz, PhD

Business Consultant

"Steve has taught me how crucial it is for me to create affiliate relationships in order for me to grow a successful business that will give me the freedom and lifestyle that I want.  I always knew that I "should" create affiliate relationships, but I had so many hangups about actually doing that, that I never got around to it.  Steve walked me through problem-solving each hangup I had so that I could duplicate myself through my affiliates and build a business that serves me.  I wish I would've started working with Coach Steve when I started my business twelve years ago."

Bryan Rupp

Bryan Rupp Photography

"I wanted to let you know that I certainly do appreciate the kick in the pants last night! We all get something different out of each session we have together & sleeping on what we covered last night,  I seemed to awaken to a different, much better, invigorated self.

Peeling back those layers & exposing what is really buried is a frightening thing for me to face. In closing, thank you very much! I am getting more out of your coaching than I ever dreamed possible!"

Mark Alvey

Digital Entrepreneur

"As I close out this month I want to thank you for everything you have done for me!  This has been a great month, mostly because of your help."

Alex Bayne

President, Austin Techs South

"He's so good at what he does that he can quickly get to the heart of the point or what the point is. I don't know how to better describe it. He just blows me away when he does that. 

Steve brings a lot of value to the table because of his age and his experience. Through the years, I've known friends that hit 50 and hit a wall and have a hard time finding a job within their own area. Just through the years, I've seen it happen, and I think it's part of life. But Steve points out that it's a great time to really stop and reassess and figure out, what do I want to do? Where do I want to go? How do I want to do it? People that say, oh, what the hell, I'm just going to go try this."

Consuelo Castanuela

Personal Challenges Shaping Mindset

A bicycle trek from Colorado to Canada and back – over 2300 miles – on a beer bet
An over 12-hour continuous swim challenge to raise money for Make a Wish
Numerous triathlons (well before required bicycle helmets and state of the art gear)
Five “Hotter N Hell Hundred” – 100 mile bike races in 100 degree heat in under 5 hours
An International Canoe race across country of Belize – 175 miles over 4 days
20 years ranked in the National Top Ten in Master’s swimming
Multiple Regional record-holder in Master’s swim competition
Successful completion of the 265 mile Texas Water Safari canoe race – anointed as the World’s Toughest Boat Race – completing in 90 hours with only 5 hours’ sleep
Successful summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro – the world’s highest free-standing mountain – raising money for clean water around the world
Successful summit and decent of Pikes Peak in one day
Successful summit of Mauna Loa – the world’s largest  highest active volcano
An amazing “rite of passage” backpacking trip with my son through 4 states
Participation in several ocean open-water swim races
A recent 91 mile bike race up and over 4 summits in the Idaho mountains
…and currently planning to circumnavigate Mt. Rainier, along with other "Legacy List" adventures

A Sample of Business Coaching Achievements

Supported numerous start-ups to go from “ideation” to market in less than 100 days
Helped the successful transformation of many “solo-preneur” businesses from owner-dependent to self sufficiency.
Coached numerous small business owners to increased profitability by improving selling systems, employee development, branding, and leadership. Many reached their first 7 Figure income during their coaching experience.
Contributed to executive teams of several global, billion dollar companies to restructure leadership philosophy and effectiveness
Participated as a Faculty Member and content author for numerous thought-leader collaborations including The Coaching Staff, Inc, Zig Ziglar's CanDoGo, and The Network Marketing Magazine Collaboration.
Hosted “The Dailey Juice” radio show on Talk Radio 1370 AM – Austin
Co-Hosted and contributed as Head Coach on Club VITO – members-only internet radio for Sales Professionals; reaching 13 countries.
Contribute to best-selling books Getting the Second AppointmentNever Cold Call Again and Getting to VITO by Anthony Parinello
Was selected as Technical Editor for Selling for DummiesAll-In-One Selling for Dummies, and Presentations for Dummies.
Trained scores of other professional coaches and form several nation-wide coaching teams to serve large organizations