When it comes to your business, bigger is not better. When it comes to you, and the impact that you can make in the world… bigger, absolutely is better.

Now I've got a business opportunity to talk to you about here, and if you follow me all the way through, you're going to see a gateway and look at your business and your relationship to it in a completely different way. And it will be a gateway for new success, I promise.

So as an analogy, the planet Jupiter is 1200 times larger than the planet Earth. In fact, all the planets in the solar system could fit inside of Jupiter. It's mind boggling, isn't it? In fact, Jupiter's enormity is so amazing, that as it orbits the sun, and it gets closest to the sun in its particular orbit, it actually makes the sun wobble.

Now you might have that same exact feeling, if we called your business Jupiter and you the sun, you might have exactly the same feeling. You might feel like that the business is making your life and you wobble. A term I use all the time is that oftentimes our business will hijack our life. That's not a good relationship, is it?

Well, why did it get that way? How does that happen in the first place?

Is your business making you wobbly

Growing You to Grow the Business Requires
“Shifting Your Significance”

Well, it's because when you first started your business, you only focused on growth, that was the only thing to focus on. In order for your idea to actually start making enough money to support your life and lifestyle… it had to be bigger. And for you to compete with your competitors, you had to be bigger than zero. And for you to be a thing in the marketplace, definitely you had to be bigger.

And so we focus on that relentlessly as entrepreneurs, don't we? But sooner or later bigger, gets to a point where it is absolutely not better.

So, what do we focus on? Do we focus on not growing, stopping the growth somehow? That is horrifyingly counterintuitive. No, what we want to do is make YOU bigger.

Now I'm going to leave the analogy here because we can't make the sun any bigger than it already is. But if we visualize it the possibility, the capability that you have to be bigger, and grow your business has huge opportunity embedded.

So What Do You Focus on?
What Do You Do to Make Yourself Bigger?

Well, there's three things specifically, there's a lot of ideas I can give you, but just think about these three things today. Think specifically about what you can do to move in the direction of applying these three things to advance or shift your significance in your own business, so that you're bigger and better.

The first thing is to see yourself, as a visionary, as a vision caster. You see, when you first started your business, inside your own mind, you had a vision for a better place, a better marketplace, a better… whatever business you're in, you saw your impact (or your influence) on that environment as better. And that vision is what drove you. But as your business grows, we need to enroll other people around us in that vision. We need to obviously enroll our employees and resources, contractors etc. We need to enroll our clients, in our marketing process enroll the marketplace at large, in a vision of a better place… have a solution that solves a problem.

So be a visionary, be an advocate for where you're taking your business from an impact perspective.

The second thing that you can do to shift your significance and grow yourself so that bigger is better is to focus on what I like to call ROE, return on everything. We've all heard of ROI (return on investment). But ROE is more important. You see there's more things than just money that we're actually investing. We're investing time, we're investing creativity, we're investing systems, we're investing in the development of people around us. If the people that you're investing in, the clients that you're investing in, the projects that you're investing in, if all of those things are not creating a return, then they need to be eliminated. Return on everything, not just return on the simple financial investment.

And finally, if you want to get bigger and better, then you need to focus your skills, and your time and attention on the things that you can do the best, and that have the biggest impact. When you started your business, you by default had to do everything. But as your business grows, you need to have a relentless focus on doing only those things that have the biggest impact -- that you love to do, that you're particularly skilled at.

Bigger is Not Better

So, let's be a visionary, an advocate, a pacesetter in the marketplace at large. Let's focus on Return on Everything that's going on in our business, and if it's not creating a return, eliminate it.

 And finally, focus yourself, your talents, your competency, your passions, on the things that make the biggest impact in your own business.

 And now what you'll start to see happening is you will actually become bigger and better. So is it okay for your business to grow? Sure. It's not necessarily better if it's bigger. But if you're bigger along the way, holy cow, what kind of an impact can you make? Think about it.

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